Saturday, May 26, 2012

Transformers Prime (Robots in Disguise) Arcee Review !!!!

After much consideration and after organizing myself some time to put aside i decided to do a review of this great toy as well. Its also one of the most popular toys in the Transformers Prime series and it would be a wste if i didn't review it for you. Well the toy is non other then Arcee from the Transformers Prime (Robots in disguise) version. The picture is below this line.

As you can see from this picture of her she is a completely different coloring from her counter part the First Edition of herself !!!! But this version which is used to color her she is much more brighter looking and when i went outdoors to take her pictures against the sunlight she became extremely bright in color and contrast.

The next few pictures i'm gonna show you Arcee with her waepon and her different poses i gave her with her weapon as well.

As you can see her weapon can be attached at both her arms and the gun on the right is extremely big considering her size i wonder why they didn't make a gun like in the animated series small and just nice for her arms !!!! and actually she comes with 2 guns in the animated series. Wish they really had made those instead of this one and her blades.

These are the 2 weapons here as you can see which attaches to both her arms .

And here you can see the weapon can be combined as well to make it into one weapon which is extremely large for Arcee's size and physique as well .....

In the later part of the pictures i'll also show you how she looks like with the weapons combined and she is holding it as well.

This is just her with the Gun weapon and not with her blade ....

Arcee in this picture looks cool from the back as her colors really stand out in the sun. And i think other then her weapon i think in overall she is a very fantastic figure to have and own as she is the only female robot from the animated series so far.

The next few picture will be Arcee holding her weapon with it combined.

Arcee's face in close up don't you think this is cool even here eyes are done to the detail !!!! Amazing !!!!

And here my usual pose !!!!! Next few pictures after this will be the vehicle mode of Arcee.

The circular holes which you can see on the front of Arcee's vehicle mode is made to contain the 2 weapons which comes with her to attach to the front for the ultimate attack mode which i will show you in the later posts.

Next will be the attack mode of Arcee in the picture which follow up.

This will be the last picture for Arcee's review please note that this figure is awesomeness. And i would easily recommend you to get it as fast as possible. The shy blue bright color on Arcee i think is one of the best colors i have seen on a Transformers Prime toy and i think you shouldn't waste time read this review and go get your Arcee.

And by the way there will be other toys from my previous collections wgich i will review as well most probably my leader class toys which my facebook friends and fans wanted me to do and since i haven't done so for my toy reviews for my leader class i will do it accordingly. Be aware of my updates cheerzzz !!!!