Saturday, May 5, 2012

Transformers Return of the Fallen Deluxe Deadend Review !!!!

Return of the Fallen toys are also one of my favorite collections in the Transformers Toy series and i definitely wanna collect them all if i ever had a chance to do so. But i managed to acquire some rare ones like this one which i am about to review as well. It's actually a repaint of Sideways in this color and this character wasn't released in the Return of the Fallen Transformers Movie though but it was produced as a character in the Movie series toy line. 

I really like the vehicle mode of this character called Deadend !!!!!!!

Deadend has a unique type of color which most decepticon or autobot character has. But his face looks kinda' like roadbuster don't you think.

As you can see from the side view of the character Deadend looks like a kind of Wasp Bee type of animal with his 2 pointed things at the back of his head. I have noticed that most Transformers characters re-assemble either animals or some type of beast either as a robot or a vehicle just like Deadend.

This is another sideview of Deadend and if you see the colors from the picture above and this picture i have taken different color transitions for the pictures. One has more vivid colors then the other which has more natural blend in colors just to make it look more lively. It also makes the color of the toy come out very brightly and just wanted all of you to compare the different type of colors on my toys pictures.

Another Side kick from Deadend !!!!

A look from behind .. i find that Deadend still looks cool from the back unlike most other characters which look plain and simple !!!!

Just giving you clearer pictorial views of Deadend to give you the idea of how he looks like in all angled views from my camera's perspective or much rather (my perspective).

And a close up of Deadend, looks like he's wearing red sun glasses !!!!!

So now enough of Deadend's robot mode let's go to his much anticipated vehicle mode which is the coolest of them all, the Audi - R8 but the Audi logo wasn't put on Sideways or Deadend but at least the car looks like the actual car itself without those logos.

As you can see here from the front view of Deadend's vehicle mode it doesn't bear the logo of the Audi.

As you can see here the decepticon logo is at the side of the front door of Deadend's vehicle mode.

If you are wondering about this picture this is the rear of the vehicle !!!!

The front part of the car looks amazing as it looks so much like the real car !!!

Even the rear end brake lights also look so much like the real thing !!!! 

With this above picture i end this review with Deadend's robot and vehicle mode. Well for me this is a very good toy to have and for me i'm really fascinated with it's design and assembly. The vehicle looks so real and the robot looks very cool as well. As far as i am concerned this was bought some time back so i think this would be one character which would be difficult to get if you haven't got it (what a waste) . Well go get it on ebay or something because this is one rare collecter's item (well it is for me!!!!) . And it won't be circulated much longer and the price will definitely sky rocket when the next Transformers Movie comes out, so get your Deadend today !!!! Laterzzz !!!!