Saturday, March 31, 2012

Transformers Cybertron Con 2012 Final review of Exhibits and Event !!!!

This will be the last review of all the toy displays in the Exhibition leading to the end of the Cyberton Convention itself. I will be featuring more reviews of hot toys to come your way. I'm starting other face book fan pages and all other toy reviews at my blog so keep it right here where it all happens (well if there is !!!) .

Here i will show you the custom painted Optimus prime by collectors, Fans and artists .

Oops Sorry !!!! This is the limited edition Gold colored Optimus Prime below.

This pictures below are the custom painted Optimus Primes . Well i sometimes wonder why they chose Optimus Prime to customise. I would have preferred Sentinel Prime or something else. Well anyways .....

Apparently they took this above concept artwork from the game War in Cybertron. Kinda cool looking for a customization viewers point of view !!!!

Don't the above Optimus Prime's colors and poses look cool. I think this might be done by some professional artists who have done lots of customization through the years .

Look at the details of the Jaw in this cat looking toy .... i think it's one of the past generation toys called Pretenders. The person took the animal and painted it to look like that but it is cool. Just look at those jaws on the animal itself. It really look so real !!!!

This is just the Normal Optimus Prime without customization. 

This is another customization of Optimus Prime to make it look a bit like the ring type of thing which becomes his weapons inventory in the Transformers Movie Dark of the moon.

These are some cool looking Transformers cars from some third party editions i guess but it's very well articulated and designed specifically for a toy lover like me. Wished i had them.

Beast wars collection again.

Can you believe that the character above from Beast wars is actually Rampage Soundwave's assassin and vigilante !!!!!

Here are the several Transformers Prime collections. I wonder why this guy above Skywarp and not Starscream !!!! 

This is the Takara Tomy version of the Transformers Prime (R.I.D) . Look at the paint job and the weaponry made for this particular toy. Takara Tomy has made weapons fit for all transformers Prime toys and they can be combined as well. It was shown in the Transformers Cybertron con interview with the Designers of Takara Tomy from Japan.

Transformers Prime (R.I.D) Voyager Optimus Prime.

Transformers Prime Ratchet !!!!

This is Tracks from generation 1.

Transformers Prime Voyager (R.I.D) Megatron.

And last but not least a Decepticon Logo Chocolate cake for you Transformers Fans out there. Let me tell you the Transformers Cybertron Con was an amazing experience for me and was one of the most exciting event as a toy collector and a great Transformers fan. There will be more conventions to come in the future and more toy reviews people out there. 

I have decided to take my blog a step furthur by taking reviews of my toys to the next stage and that is reviewing old and new toys and transformers toys as well. I will also feature some latest toys and rest assured it will be cool toys but take note i don't collect all toys in the industry unless they look interesting but Transformers will always be a complete collection well at least 90% of the collection so that i can show you all the toys in the series as well. 

But Transformers Prime toys will still be in review as this is an ongoing series and it will have more intersting characters and toys to collect and i will definitely be reviewing and looking forward for the new releases of toys in the stores as well.

So keep it here in my blog where everything happens. Cheerzzz !!! and goodnight !!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Starwars The Vintage collection Darth Vader Exclusive review !!!!!

I actually have been collecting Starwars Figures and vehicles in the past from the years 1999 up till 2003 and sold off most of the collections in 2004 !!!! I still have some of them but most of them are gone but i have acquired some latest hot stuff i managed to get in the stores recently. They are actually old stuff but it was recycled back into the stores for clearance when the new Starwars movie The Phantom Menace came out in 3D. This brought back the Starwars fever back again.

And who can ever forget this particular character from the Starwars Trivia??? He is the most popular hero turned villain in the Starwars storyline. Actually the whole Starwars Saga revolved aroung this particular character of how he became evil. And since his looks were so unique in the bad guys in fact the only influential bad guy !!!
He became instantly popular. And for a collector like me i particularly like this character and it's really essential to my collection of old toys.

Well this is Darth Vader !!! From the Empire Strikes Back (The Vintage Collection) .

Darth Vader has a very unique mask and Head gear which i really like very much. Actually if you had noticed something Darth Vader is the only Bad guy from the Sith to be fully masked covering his whole head.

Check out the Black cloth behind Darth Vader. It's fantastically done like a long black robe just like in the movies. It goes very well with this action figure. And this is really a classic. Actually if you are a Starwars Collector you would know that  there are different versions of Darth Vader through out the years being re-issued, re-manufactured and re-produced. But this version for my review is more closer to the classic Darth Vader look alike.

And yes here is Darth Vader with his Red light Saber !!!

And here is the ultimate close up of Darth Vader. Revealing the Dark side of the force !!!!

A very detailed look indeed !!! It's very unique and hasbro or would i say Kenner has done a great job preserving the very classic details of Darth Vader's looks.

Yes people like what you have all been thinking Darth Vader's helmet and mask removed from his head. This vintage collection of Darth Vader comes with a removable headgear revealing the face of the real Darth Vader !!!! I was actually fascinated by it as well because i always wanted Darth Vader with the head gear removed. And i actually managed to get it.

And the pictures above i have shown both the front and the reverse of Darth Vader's Headgear, which is a Mask and the top helmet.

Yes this is the man behind the Mask of Darth Vader . Anakin Sywalker. He don't look so sinister anymore with his Headgear removed does he ???

Like i said the details of the Kenner version of this particular character is very well done and the facial details of Anakin Skywalker are really awesome. 

Darth Vader's (Anakin Skywalker) scared head like what happened to him in Episode 3 (Revenge of the Sith) where he had a duel with Master Obi-wan Kenobi and his legs get cut off by Obi wan's lightsaber and he gets burnt by the hot larvae burning his entire body including his head.

An overall look from behind of Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker).

This would be my last picture for this particular review of Darth Vader from the Starwars action figure review. What i would say get this version of Darth Vader with his head gear removed. It's really cool. There won't be much of this character sold anytime soon once the Starwars fever subsides as Darth Vader has always been the most hardest character to come by as he is extremely popular and the manufacturing market has reduced the quantity of this particular character !!!!! So his demand becomes higher. So well get your hands on one before it is gone forever with the end of the Starwars Movies !!!! and storyline !!!!

The story of Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader.

Later guyzz happy hunting !!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack Unleashed First Edition Optimus Prime !!!!

Recently i had very little time to open up my toys let alone buying them !!!! Well never even had a chance to open up fully this past package i had from the Transformers Prime entertainment Pack ( First Edition ). So finally i decided to take out this particular character and decided to do a short review about it. Hope you guys will accept this short and precise review as i am saving the best for last with other hot cool toy reviews coming your way.

Transformers Prime First Edition Entertainment Pack Optimus Prime.

And here featuring him holding his big cannon looking gun. I particularly like this toy because of the vibrant colors added to it. The red and blue effect on this toy is fantastic. Colors are done well and are very well balanced. It seems Hasbro concentrated very well in designing carefully the Transformers Prime toys compared to the Dark of the moon movie toys. 

Another cool pose of Optimus Prime and his cannons. Talking about cannons the latest episode of Transformers Prime Season 2 episode 6 is called loose cannons. You should check out the series because Wheeljack returns to join the Autobots and in this particular episode there is lots of fighting action and the first time Wheeljack transforms into his much anticipated vehicle mode !!!!

This is a pose i did without his cannon blaster gun !!!!

Yet another close up of our Optimus Prime. It seems its a bit difficult for Hasbro to come up with the details of the eyes on Optimus Prime !!!!

And as usual the Hand raise for all my Transformers Prime toys !!!!!

Next the Vehicle mode of Optimus Prime which is equally as cool as his robot form !!!!

As you can see here the cannon which Optimus holds in his hands in my earlier pictures fits into the back of the truck mode in vehicle mode !!!!

The rear view with the cannon on the back and on my next picture below is the back view without his cannon on the back of the vehicle.

The top view to give you an idea how it looks like.

And last but not least the Front view of Optimus Prime's Vehicle Mode.

This is a Fantastic toy to collect if you haven't got it. Go and get your Transformers Prime First Edition Entertainment pack today before they are all gone. More hot toy reviews coming your way. There will be lots of interestting stuff in the next few days and weeks of my review.

There will be lots of surprises for you guys !!!!!