Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cybertron Con Singapore 2012 Exhibits Part 3 Exclusive Review !!!!!

Here has been the review i know you guys have been waiting for a long time for me to post. The Exhibits of the Cybertron Con 2012 !!!! I'm going to show you one hell of a gallery of old classic toys which collectors contributed for this convention. And boy most of them gave me flasbacks of my childhood days when the Transformers were around and were one of my most favorite toys then. But the best part is that some of this collections i had never ever seen myself or thought existed. I was completely blown away with the vast collection. It seems that even Transformers are almost impossible to collect and keep especially all of them.

Well see for yourselves !!!!

This is called the Pretenders they hide the transformers inside !!!! This is definitely a unique collection cos i haven't seen it when i was younger.

These are monsterbots !!! I haven't seen this ones too in my younger days !!!! Boy i missed the good old times when this toys actually existed and i didn't know it at all. Well the lack of media and resources too i guess. 

More of the Pretenders Series below this post. I sincerely apologise for the clarity for the pictures but i hope you make a search of the characters i have posted and see the actual pictures online either in other websites or collector sites.

Please take note that these collections of toys above are the Generation 1 transformers from the 80's. And i find this collection to be very authentic and the most original.

And who could ever forget Fortress Maximus above. He was actually one of the most important characters in  the Generation 1 series cartoons. Reason being he was a command base for the Autobots and also one of the largest robots to be seen in the Generation 1 series.

Yes Yes Yes Decepticon Casettes !!!! 

And Autobot Casettes.

As you can see this big collection Devastator is the Middle green looking robot on top of him is Megatron and the bottom are the insecticons.

The others on the sides are the Decepticon jets like Ramjet, Thundercracker etc.

And here are some Autobot Deluxe actions figures and some other stuff like Perceptor, Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime etc.

Cool isn't it !!! And i'm still showing you Generation 1 toys and i haven't started other collections just yet.

These are the action masters toys associated with the Transformers but i didn't get to see any of this collections before and i never thought existed. Maybe the guys who were following this few series of toys or were earlier collectors would have an idea what this collections were about above.

I guess this is Reflector a triple robot which combines together to make this camera. All the 3 robots look exactly the same and they talk together at the same time, well that's what i know from viewing the Generation 1 Cartoons.

Generation 1 Jazz

These are the master piece collections of Optimus Prime and Megatron all of them a remold of the original Generation 1 remake.

The above two pictures are the master piece collection of our favorite Decepticon Starscream.

Found an exhibit of a staute of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee from Dark of the Moon . It was a great sculpture and rather big too. Well i have close ups of the statues in my next 2 pictures below and maybe you can read up for some info. I'm not gonna tell ya' !!!

Well the statue looks cool though but it's really big and not colored.

The above 2 Dark of the moon voyager toys are gold in color and they are from Takara tomy Version sof Hasbro's DOTM Movie toy line. Although they look kinda interesting but i am not really fascinated by it because it looks kinda odd picturing them in this colors. They are better with the original coloring made for the the actual toy in this series.

A custom made Optimus Prime holding balloons made by some local singapore designers.

Well people judge for yourselves.

Well this will be the last picture for this post of the Cybertron con 2012 for now. I'll be updating more pictures of this fanatstic event ith more collections and information in my next post. So please keep it right here in my channel as the review continues soon ......

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