Saturday, March 24, 2012

Transformers Prime Cyberverse Commander Class Starscream Exclusive Review !!!!!

This is the new toy I just bought around a week ago and thought of reviewing it straight away. It's the new Transformers Prime Cyberverse commander series toys. They are rather small replicas of the actual  Deluxe version of the toys from Transformers Prime. But the details are quite impressive considering the much shrunk version of the actual toys !!!!

I was very impressed with the detailed version of the toy that if i were to post it right here you wouldn't think it was actually that small cos it looks so similar to the Deluxe version.

Well without furthur ado this is Starscream.

As you can see here the sides of the arms are very big versions of the weapons he holds. This weapon is much better looking then the weapons on the deluxe version of Starscream from my earlier posting, where he has rubbery missiles and it's much smaller.

I find the back part of Starscream extremely cool and detailed in design. Makes him look much bulkier then his deluxe version where he look so much more thin and petite in size.

In this picture i have featured Starscream with the weapons off his hands. As you can see here his arms form part of the front part of his jet form. And as mentioned the hands are all tucked in with not much detail compared to the deluxe version of the toy.

An upper shot of his face from the bottom.

And this is the close up of Starscream's face. This version looks more detailed and accurate to the Transformers Prime Series don't you think !!!!

And this is the Jet he transforms into in vehicle mode.

I find that the jet form in this Cyberverse commander series is equally cool looking only just that the size of the actual figure and vehicle mode rather small in design. 

The Front part of Starscream's jet mode.

As you can see here this jet form is without the missiles i took them out.

Lastly a front look of the toy itself in jet mode without the missiles. What i can tell you is that if you are a great transformers fan and collector you will definitely get this toy. It's rather unique and small so it's much easier for display. It's also more affordable in pricing then the other bigger versions of the toy. For me i will definitely get them cos it's rather unique and it makes a great display item for the shelf on top of the computer on your study table of even you car's rear view mirror. Well !!! use your imagination. And for parents who wanna get smaller and cheaper version of Starscream well now you have that choice of getting this one which is more cheaper in price and size !!!! 

Enough said what i'll just say in summary is go get this toy. Before they are all gone again and ready for the next wave to be displayed and to be bought.

Laterzzzz !!!!