Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hotwheels 1999 Editons and some Rare Collections for sale !!!

Its been a long time since i featured some of the toys from my past collections almost 12 years ago.  Yup thats right 12 years ago. Bought these hotwheels in year 1999 and Hotwheels has tons of die cast metal cars which are an endless collection. Yup you got that right !!!!

So here i am featuring some of the collections of Die-cast metal cars which have become very popular for collectors in general. Hotwheels collection are practically endless and you can buy up to a million cars and won't have time to collect them all or have them all too.

I have put a separate page in this blog to feature all my OLD Collection Of Hotwheel cars and they are all for sale too. So be sure to check em' out too

Here are the 1999 First Edition cars.

And here are the individual vehicles which i thought was interesting to show you for the fact that they have collector numbers and also are very unique in design !!!!

Well you won't believe it but i'm selling this few cars for $20 dollars each and i'm not reducing the price as it is more then a decade old and are hard to find too.

Well enough said I'll be featuring more toy reviews in days to come here.  so please keep it here.  And i'm going for the Transformers convention and i'll be sharing with you about the tour of the exhibits and rare toys which i will feature here at my reviews . There will definitely be more pictures and intersting stuff to share with all of you out there.

So please keep it alive !!!! Cheerzz !!!!