Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hunt for the Decepticons Sea Attack Ravage Review !!!!!!!!

I got this character around 1 and half years ago. It's actually a remold of the original Return of the Fallen Series toy line. This character will not be complete without it in the collection. Transformers have unique characters and the most popular characters and this is definitely one of them. It's a very important character for me as it was always shown even in the generation 1 cartoon series very often.

Hunt for the decepticons remold of the Return of the Fallen toys are much nicer and improved in design. Well this is Ravage.

As you can see here Ravage is given a very detailed look and looks so much like the actual character from the Return of the Fallen !!!!!!!

Look at the weapons on his back i find that to be very cool and so fantastic to the character enhancement itself. Looks like a missile launching attack beast.

Ravage is cool with his one eye which i never thought that they would create it that way. Reason being he always has two eyes in his earlier Generation 1 editions.

Now i'm gonna show you the so called vehicle mode. There won't be much pictures of the vehicle mode because it isn't that very interesting then the beast mode. I prefer ravage in the Beast attack mode . It's more cool. Well anyways this is the vehicle mode.

Although Ravage looks quite interesting in the vehicle mode but he isn't that impressive as you can see from the pictures i have taken. It doesn't balance in the flat ground as well when i put it because of the circular type of shape he transforms into. That was the problem i has with this toy.

But the details are still quite impressive it's only the balancing part which gets me.

Lastly a top view of our Favorite Decepticon Ravage !!!!

What i can say about this particular character is that it's a great toy for any Transformers fans or collectors in general, and if you haven't got this toy go hunt for it !!!!

Ravage makes a great display item if you transform him to beast mode. He is definitely one of my favorite characters but it's only the transformation part which is a bit dissapointing . Well they had to give a transformation mode for all transformers characters and this was one of the modes they could think of coming out with (well i think !!!). So this will end my review of Ravage. More reviews coming up and i'll be reviewing my pictures of the Transformers convention i will be attending soon so please keep it here.