Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cybertron Con Singapore 2012 Exhibits Part 4 Exclusive Review !!!!!

Here i am going to feature more exhibits from the Transformers Cybertron Con on the last day of my visit to the event. It holds very impressive displays of the Transformers toys through out the years existed new and old. I was very fascinated with the event myself and wish to share them with you. This will be officially the second last part of the Cybertron Con review i have featured during the last few days and i will carry on concurrently with more toy reviews to come your way.

As you can see here these are the beast wars collections. I particularly like some of this characters cos i find them extremely cool and very unique. I wonder who ever came up with the beast characters for the transformers in the first place. But man they are very unique indeed.

The exteme behind as you can see the Dinosaur head in the arms is Megatron.

More Beast wars characters.

The one with the Extreme black coloring is Optimus Prime or should i say Primal.

I think Primal came from the word primate.

Another beast wars version of Megatron.

If you guys were following the Transformers Armada version of the series you could relate to this particular character above. In Transformers Armada Megatron Transforms into a tank. And when he is a robot he has two horns just like the above toy.

Don't be surprised with the Characters named !!! after the robot cos it actually is the name of the Character itself !!!

Master piece collection of Ultra Magnus !!!

Hot Rodimus Prime different colors also from the Master piece collection series.

Look at the Takara Tomy version of Sgt Kup. Looks very silverish green in color and well painted then the Hasbro version of the character toy itself don't you think ???

More Beast wars !!!!

Some mini bots which i had never ever seen before !!!!

And who can forgot our very favorite Dinobot leader Grimlock !!!!!

The older version of Devastator.

Generation 2 Bruticus but i have never ever seen this one before. I wonder where they got it from....

Another Version of Megatron !!!!!

And last but not least our favorite Autobot medic from the Latest Series Transformers Prime.

Autobot Ratchet, Damn can't wait to get my hands on this guy for me to show all of you in my next few hot reviews !!!!!!!

Well laterzz Guys !!!!!!!