Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hotwheels Color Shifters Piranha Terror

This are the latest collection of Hotwheels cars i just got and got this cool Piranha looking diecast metal car. Hothweels has endless collections and it's really hard to complete the collection as there are tons of them. You gotta have a warehouse to store them.

Well enough said this is Piranha Terror !!!!

Isn't this car cool !!!??? And look at it dosen't it look like a real Piranha ????

Look at the scales details of the car itself. Hotwheels has done a great job in doing an excellent paint job and the mini details of the car itself. I was very fascinated with this car so i had to get it. Even the wheels are cool .

Yup Mister Piranha with his fiery eyes and sharp jaws. This is one unique car i have had in the hotweels collection i must say.

Back of the car .

And this is the color he changes into when exposed to heat. You can either put him in the sun to see this color change or put it in warm water to change the color too. The original color comes back in room temperature, but if you want to make the color come back quickly just dump it in cold water.

Actually this color glows in the dark in the night to see the color effect.

Just giving you a top angled view to let you see the whole effect of the toy car.

So this will end my rather short precise review of this Hotwheels color shifters Series die cast metal cars. For me what i would say is go get this car. Hotwheels usually has lots of cars but they don't usually make them again and again. Once the years collections are gone new ones keep coming in. And for this particualr character i don't think they will ever re-manufacture it again. So get Mr Piranha Terror before it's completely gone.