Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rare WWE Elite Action figure Collections and WWE Action Figure findings !!!!

Hey people i went again for my toy hunt and boy am i so excited to share these collections with you. They are all the Elite,Classics and other basic action figures from the WWE line which are quite hard to find now a days. Well i found them all in one place today and i'm gonna show you all the pictures of my WWE Action figure findings !!!!

The first Action Figure is the Elite Collection Stone Cold Steve Austin,

The next is the Elite Collection Flashback Miss Elizabeth .... below

Miss Elizabeth is a first time release and since she is produced in the Elite Version i don't think you can ever expect Mattel to make her again. So she will be very collectible !!!!

The next is an Elite Flashback of the 80's towards the 90's...


Yokozuna as you can see comes with his classic checkered robe which he wore when he made his ring entrance and the details on this action figure is really awesome ... and he is a classic Superstar himself !!!

The next is the Elite Series addition of The Rock.

Rock comes with his sleeveless shirt and ring announcement mike and other accessories as well ... and he is a legend !!!!

Next is the WWE Deluxe aggression version of Vince McMahon.

This figure is awesome as he has a launching barbell and fullr poseable as well.

You gotta have Vince McMahon if you a WWE Toy collector as he is the man of the Whole thing and this figure is rare as well.

The next will be Flashback as well in the Elite Series and this time it's Kane.

Kane is a Fantastic figure as he has very detailed articulation and he comes with the classic Hardcore Championship belt which is no more now in the WWE !!!

Well i just don't know whether you can remove that mask from his face ????

Well you go figure and tell me will ya .....

The next will be The Elite Series again of Mick Foley known as Cactus Jack at one time and below is the picture of this cool action figure ...

You gotta get Cactus jack as he comes with lots of accessories here !!!!!

Handcuffs, a stop sign and a ring step as well !!!! All the phases of a hardcore match ... and the figure has very good details of the guy himself .

And who could ever forget the Randy "Macho Man" Savage !!!! This picture below is the Elite Collection Flashback and boy this is one hell of a cool figure i must say.

Macho man is featured with his "nwo" outfit.

The next is also my favorite wrestler and its also an Elite Series Flashback !!! He is none other then Triple H. Below.

I really like the Outfit on him this is a very unique entrance outfit when Triple H was King of the Ring.

Well this time it's retro flashback of Classic Superstars Legion of Doom !!! with Sunny Action figure in a WWE Classic Superstars package .... below.

Legion of Doom are real Legends during their time as wrestlers and one of the most powerful tag teams in WWE History and they have their Classic Spikey costume shoulder padded vest and tattoos on their faces as well.

And below is the Elite Series Bret "The hitman" Hart Elite Series Flashback !!!!

He is in a Classic Pink colored Jacket ... and his sunglasses !!!!

This is one action figure you should not surpass for anything as this guy is a true legend and hero ...well at leas for me.

The details for Bret Hart are awesome !!!!!

And the last picture for this picture review will be the latest rare and hard to Find money in the bank Twin Battle pack which features the dented Money in the Bank suitcase and Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guererro in the package. This is also a cool toy to have as i like the Suit case and the colors.

Well enough said i hope you like my latest findings of some action figures which are really rare and very detailed as well.

These WWE figure will soon rise up in price and it's better you get them as soon as possible ...with that i end this post and will be back for more the next few days after my overseas trip ... Cheerzz People !!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Toys R' Us Singapore features more exclusive products release !!!!!

Hello there people i have been in the toy hunt as always and let me tell ya this is another thing which i just spotted in toys r us singapore.

They have released some exclusive Star wars and Ben 10 toys which you might be interested in ???

Well for me it got me hooked !!!!

Firstly what caught my eye is a 12 inch figure of Anakin Skywalker changing into Darth Vader . It even comes with accessories like the smaller action figure which actually enables you to change him into Darth Vader and the light saber changes color from blue and then to red !!!!

Check it out ...this product Below ...

Well another collection which caught my eyes are the 6 inch figures of the Star wars Black series which are also very collectible and were actually meant for display. And these figures got that details in all and very authentic in design as well !!!

Below are the pictures of the Black series figures from Star wars !!!!

And the last picture for this review of these exclusives are the Ben 10 5 figure pack which really caught my eye. You really gotta get this if you are a Ben 10 fan well i am now. It's really a good display set ...and it has just been released !!!!

Below are the pictures ....

Well with that i will end this posting and i will be back for more review exclusives and details as well.

Thanks and enjoy !!! Cheerzzz 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Some lots of toys i'm clearing !!!! Add and pm me for price !!!!

Hello there people now i am featuring all my toys from my personal storage lot and featuring them on sale here. You can either leave me a comment here or msg me at my facebook profile page for deal.

Well these lots of toys are just some of my toy collections from my huge collection of toys actually !!!

Well without furthur ado let me show you the toys i'm selling.

First are the Star Wars Naboo Star fighter and Sebulba's Pod racer.

Another is my collection of Star wars figures which i'm clearing as well.

You can zoom the pictures for info about the figures i have here.

The above are Star wars watches bought back in 1999 and i'm clearing them as well.

All are in mint condition accept for some aging in the package !!!

Another collection of my toys for sale above are the rare and new WWE Diva figurines.

All are brand new as you can see above.

Above are the DOTM Human alliance Soundwave and Transformers Prime Dreadwing which i'm selling.

Some Transformers Generation i have left !!!! Are also for sale !!!

Above are my few Transformers Prime mixtures of First Edition and other latest toys from my on going collections for sale as well. Some of these are already hard to get.

Some lots of DOTM movie toys which i'm clearing as well.

All are quite rare or hard to get now.

And last but not least it's the DHL Boxed set which i'm letting go which was bought back in 2004. So please add me and pm me at my facebook pages at or leave me a comment here or you can actually sms me for those who are in singapore at 91349362 for fast sales enquiries. With that i leave the rest up to you people !!! Cheerzz !!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

NECA Cult Classics Series 4 Child's Play 3 Chucky Action figure Review !!!!!

Hey people i'm back with another review. I wonder it's your favorite line of toys but it definitely is my favorite so far. I have been in love with the movie toys from the 80's till the late 90's and i grew up with most of these movie characters from young so it's always been a memory till now and so when the toys came out it definitely caught my attention. And this is just one of them from NECA . It's Chucky from Child's play 3 and one of the most accurate to the movie to date.

Well without furthur delays this is Chucky Below !!!

Chucky is one of favorite pshycho dolls to date because of the fact that he is a doll which moves, talks and murder's as well !!!! And a character next to the Puppet master which has lots more dolls this is one fo my favorite as it is just one doll and it spanned a couple of episodes of the same guy.

Look at the Good guy outfit on Chucky very well painted and well done as well.

Do take note that Chucky's hair is very brittle and if you play with the hair too much it just drops off in large numbers !!!! So you don't style the head much too often just play with him once or twice don't fiddel with his hair and quickly put him on display !!!

Other then that this figure is awesome !!!! The hair also has a mixed shade of Blond and pinkish streaks mixed up with it.

In the above picture as you can see is the first accessory which comes with Chucky which is a Knife.

If i'm not mistaken this was the army knife stolen from the army camp where andy was training in military school then according to the movie in Child's play 3.

And more over the only movement you can do with Chucky is the joints near his Elbow which can be moved upwards and downwards but you can't move his waist.

The second accessory which comes with chucky is his Basball Bat which as you can see has a very nice smooth finish to it.

The baseball bat has a look like it has been used multiple time in a game and it has the worn out seasoned look .... awesome !!!!

And the last weapon accessory which comes with Chucky is this hammer above.

Hammer is very well done as well.

Well besides all these weapons which comes with Chucky there is a last item accessory which is the best representation of the movie !!! that is the Good Guy Box which Chucky initially comes with and it comes in Flat piece of Card Board which you gotta bend and fold to contain Chucky ....

Well below this header is the package with Chucky inside of it !!!

Ha just look at that !!! Let me tell ya something if this wasn't included in this toy it wouldn't have bben complete as a movie based toy .... and thank got they had done it !!!!

Take note that there is no plastic cover on the part where you can see Chucky in it. It's just the plain old card board box .

The above pictures are the good guy box sides and the different art work on it.

The above is the good guy himself in the movie where he is featured in a cartoon.

Well Chucky doesn't look like him at all ...

And below i have put the Video Review as well so you can see the various details of this action figure.

Yeah there goes !!! The above is the detailed video review of Chucky and hope you enjoy my video and blog reviews !!!

And do take note Chucky is already not in production in NECA or Mcfarlane so the only way to get this guy is through online stores or collectors as this guy is obsolete and the demand and price for him is steadily increasing as well.

With that i shall end this review and be back for more . Till then Cheerzz !!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

San Diego Comic Con 2013 Reveals the MOTU Classics Sea Hawk !!!!!

Hey people mostly action figures are one of the best for me in the Masters Of The Universe for me to collect personally. And for that there is a new surprise for all you MOTU Action figure collectors and fans.

The Sea Hawk was featured in Sand Diego Comic Con in 2013 !!! And boy he looks exactly the same as what he is in the Filmation Classic Animated series She-ra !!!!

Well here are the pictures posted in the internet of him !!!

Well hope you like these cool pictures of the Sea Hawk !!! As it did for me ...I'm waiting for this guy to be released and be in one of my collections as well. I'm gonna review him as well...and i want to complete the whole MOTU classics line !!!

Well with that i'll be back for more reviews and videos . Till then Cheerzzz !!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

MOTU Classics Clamp Champ MattyCollector Exclusive Subscription Figure !!!! Not Available to Public For sale !!!!

Hey there people this is another Sneak Preview of my new MOTU Classics Clamp Champ Action figure brand new in the package !!!! This figure is a subscription figure and it doesn't include with any action figure sale from the line. If you are not a subscriber of Club Eternia from Mattycollector you won't be able to get this figure of the for the most reasons can't even end up buying it !!!

Well without furthur delays let me show you the guy in the package ...

Clamp Champ

Yes he is a black guy !!!! And yes this is the front part of the package !!!!

The back features a whole new bio of Clamp Champ !!!!

Well all other figures shown are the toys from the same line.

And here i give you the opportunity to see this guy up close !!! 

With that enjoy people i will reviewing all the action figures very soon !!!

Cheerzzz !!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MOTU Classics Snake Face Action Figure Review !!!!

Hey i'm back with another Review of the MOTU Classics line and this was a review i had promised to do earlier but was delayed with other collections to review and other latest hot toy hauls i recently acquired !!!! But nevertheless i have made an attempt to finally make a review of this guy from the MOTU Classics line !!! He has already been sold out in Mattycollector so don't bother getting him from there anymore.

He is none other then Snake Face !!!!

Speaking about Snake Face !!! Although he is one of the characters to exist from the 80's toy line but i'm not impressed much with his molding in general . He is a cool black armor with the snake logo but other then that his overall color and figure is really not that much of a thing that will make you go wow !!!!

But basically me like any other toy collector had to get this either way as i had to complete all the MOTU Classic line action figure !!!!

Do take note that the Black armor on snake face is removable !!!!

Just like any other action figure well at least most of them.

And his feet are like Skeletor's feet remold but done in a different color to suit Snake Face.

All the articulation and movement of the body parts of Snake Face is just like any other action figure from the MOTU Classics line and Snake face has tight Joints around his feet and it isn't a problem to hinder his balance.

On both arms of Snake Face you got green colored snakes crawling over him. This is just another extra feature with his arms and these snakes can't be removed as it is permanently molded with his arms.

Snake Face comes with the 2 accessories above. His Snake Staff which is cool !!!! And his shield shaped like a circular leaf.

Both fit well with this action figure.

Well the next picture is the close up of Snake face and boy he looks evil !!!

You must also take note that Snake Face mouth is permanently left ajar you can't close his mouth !!! It's a permanent face molding !!!

The Next picture i'm gonna show you is Snake Face with his armor removed !!! What I noticed about the MOTU Classics Action figures is that once you removed the armor of several action figures the armor is kinda hard to put back. But it's still possible to put back but it will take you some time.

Once you removed the armor of Snake Face as above you can see his scaly body and the reptile look with the scales .... well i don't really like this action figure cos it just isn't my type of thing for an action figure.

Of the bad guys i never liked the Snake men so that's why i am not fascinated with Snake Face either .

And the next picture will be the back of his body.

As you can see above even his shorts or underwear !!! he's wearing is scaly blue !!!!

And now i will show you the interesting part of Snake face !!! The Snake head mold which is another accessory with this figure.

Well you need to remove the front part of his armor which has straps on and once removed you can put in 2 more extra snake accessories on his tummy.

That is another accessory with Snake Face as well.

This looks is rather cool and i'd rather have him this way then his other face mold.

Well you gotta take note that Snake Face's head mold with the snakes coming out his face is a permanent fixture and you can't remove the snakes attached to his head. It was done that way. Even the back of his head has 2 snakes coming out.

So Fellow toy lovers the above picture is the last picture for this longer review and hope you enjoy my review as i had enjoyed presenting you.

If you want Snake face you can get it from an online toy store or Ebay and you can't get it from Mattycollector any more.

Well with that i will end this review and will be back for more as usual.

Thanks and Cheerzz !!!!