Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Some lots of toys i'm clearing !!!! Add and pm me for price !!!!

Hello there people now i am featuring all my toys from my personal storage lot and featuring them on sale here. You can either leave me a comment here or msg me at my facebook profile page for deal.

Well these lots of toys are just some of my toy collections from my huge collection of toys actually !!!

Well without furthur ado let me show you the toys i'm selling.

First are the Star Wars Naboo Star fighter and Sebulba's Pod racer.

Another is my collection of Star wars figures which i'm clearing as well.

You can zoom the pictures for info about the figures i have here.

The above are Star wars watches bought back in 1999 and i'm clearing them as well.

All are in mint condition accept for some aging in the package !!!

Another collection of my toys for sale above are the rare and new WWE Diva figurines.

All are brand new as you can see above.

Above are the DOTM Human alliance Soundwave and Transformers Prime Dreadwing which i'm selling.

Some Transformers Generation i have left !!!! Are also for sale !!!

Above are my few Transformers Prime mixtures of First Edition and other latest toys from my on going collections for sale as well. Some of these are already hard to get.

Some lots of DOTM movie toys which i'm clearing as well.

All are quite rare or hard to get now.

And last but not least it's the DHL Boxed set which i'm letting go which was bought back in 2004. So please add me and pm me at my facebook pages at https://www.facebook.com/transformers4ever or leave me a comment here or you can actually sms me for those who are in singapore at 91349362 for fast sales enquiries. With that i leave the rest up to you people !!! Cheerzz !!!!