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NECA Cult Classics Series 4 Child's Play 3 Chucky Action figure Review !!!!!

Hey people i'm back with another review. I wonder it's your favorite line of toys but it definitely is my favorite so far. I have been in love with the movie toys from the 80's till the late 90's and i grew up with most of these movie characters from young so it's always been a memory till now and so when the toys came out it definitely caught my attention. And this is just one of them from NECA . It's Chucky from Child's play 3 and one of the most accurate to the movie to date.

Well without furthur delays this is Chucky Below !!!

Chucky is one of favorite pshycho dolls to date because of the fact that he is a doll which moves, talks and murder's as well !!!! And a character next to the Puppet master which has lots more dolls this is one fo my favorite as it is just one doll and it spanned a couple of episodes of the same guy.

Look at the Good guy outfit on Chucky very well painted and well done as well.

Do take note that Chucky's hair is very brittle and if you play with the hair too much it just drops off in large numbers !!!! So you don't style the head much too often just play with him once or twice don't fiddel with his hair and quickly put him on display !!!

Other then that this figure is awesome !!!! The hair also has a mixed shade of Blond and pinkish streaks mixed up with it.

In the above picture as you can see is the first accessory which comes with Chucky which is a Knife.

If i'm not mistaken this was the army knife stolen from the army camp where andy was training in military school then according to the movie in Child's play 3.

And more over the only movement you can do with Chucky is the joints near his Elbow which can be moved upwards and downwards but you can't move his waist.

The second accessory which comes with chucky is his Basball Bat which as you can see has a very nice smooth finish to it.

The baseball bat has a look like it has been used multiple time in a game and it has the worn out seasoned look .... awesome !!!!

And the last weapon accessory which comes with Chucky is this hammer above.

Hammer is very well done as well.

Well besides all these weapons which comes with Chucky there is a last item accessory which is the best representation of the movie !!! that is the Good Guy Box which Chucky initially comes with and it comes in Flat piece of Card Board which you gotta bend and fold to contain Chucky ....

Well below this header is the package with Chucky inside of it !!!

Ha just look at that !!! Let me tell ya something if this wasn't included in this toy it wouldn't have bben complete as a movie based toy .... and thank got they had done it !!!!

Take note that there is no plastic cover on the part where you can see Chucky in it. It's just the plain old card board box .

The above pictures are the good guy box sides and the different art work on it.

The above is the good guy himself in the movie where he is featured in a cartoon.

Well Chucky doesn't look like him at all ...

And below i have put the Video Review as well so you can see the various details of this action figure.

Yeah there goes !!! The above is the detailed video review of Chucky and hope you enjoy my video and blog reviews !!!

And do take note Chucky is already not in production in NECA or Mcfarlane so the only way to get this guy is through online stores or collectors as this guy is obsolete and the demand and price for him is steadily increasing as well.

With that i shall end this review and be back for more . Till then Cheerzz !!!!

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