Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MOTU Classics Club Filmation Icer Action Figure Review !!!!!

Hey people i at last decided to review this figure as this hasn't been done as yet i hope !!! I am fascinated with this figure so i decided to share it with all you MOTU Fans and all action figure toy collectors.
Well this is a follow up of my current action figure from the line in my previous posting Masters Of The Universe Club Filmation action figure.

This is none other then Icer below which i am reviewing !!!

Isn't this ice cold villain so cool !!!!

What i like about this action figure is the sky blue colored frost look ... and he really represents a whole new outlook to the MOTU line !!!!

The white patches on his body is frost forming around the ice glacier body of Icer which is really well done to make him look icy cold !!!!!


Well the above picture are the side views of Icer. All the molding of the muscular body is exactly the same as any action figure from the MOTU Classics line.The only difference is the coloration of the action figure.

As you can see from the back of Icer ... he has the same painted body like the front part and although he has an eskimo type of hood on his face he doesnt't have a follow up eskimo suit with him ...but that was the way he looked like in the 80's.

The above picture is the first accessory which comes with Icer and it is the ice pick type of weapon which i think is one cool accessory.

The ice pick isn't a very hard plastic rod but it's a fairly tough piece of plastic which might poke children so this can't be given to children to play with period !!!!

Another accessory which comes with Icer is his Staff. And boy the Staff is really cool.

I really love the staff and this action figure as well. Club Filmation's fans most wanted figures are one of the best as they were just shown once and never did again and that remained as a memory as these characters had a very unique look and personality bout themselves and i am really happy that at last all these figures got released.

And the last picture for this review is the close up of Icer.

And let me tell you the articulation of his face is exactly the same as what he looks like in the animated series.

I have put and extra piece of review of Icer in my video in youtube and you can follow the link and see the review yourself !!! Hope you like it guys subscribe and support !!!

And with that i shall end this review !!! Cheerzz people !!!!