Thursday, July 18, 2013

MOTU Classics Clamp Champ MattyCollector Exclusive Subscription Figure !!!! Not Available to Public For sale !!!!

Hey there people this is another Sneak Preview of my new MOTU Classics Clamp Champ Action figure brand new in the package !!!! This figure is a subscription figure and it doesn't include with any action figure sale from the line. If you are not a subscriber of Club Eternia from Mattycollector you won't be able to get this figure of the for the most reasons can't even end up buying it !!!

Well without furthur delays let me show you the guy in the package ...

Clamp Champ

Yes he is a black guy !!!! And yes this is the front part of the package !!!!

The back features a whole new bio of Clamp Champ !!!!

Well all other figures shown are the toys from the same line.

And here i give you the opportunity to see this guy up close !!! 

With that enjoy people i will reviewing all the action figures very soon !!!

Cheerzzz !!!!

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