Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MOTU Classics Snake Face Action Figure Review !!!!

Hey i'm back with another Review of the MOTU Classics line and this was a review i had promised to do earlier but was delayed with other collections to review and other latest hot toy hauls i recently acquired !!!! But nevertheless i have made an attempt to finally make a review of this guy from the MOTU Classics line !!! He has already been sold out in Mattycollector so don't bother getting him from there anymore.

He is none other then Snake Face !!!!

Speaking about Snake Face !!! Although he is one of the characters to exist from the 80's toy line but i'm not impressed much with his molding in general . He is a cool black armor with the snake logo but other then that his overall color and figure is really not that much of a thing that will make you go wow !!!!

But basically me like any other toy collector had to get this either way as i had to complete all the MOTU Classic line action figure !!!!

Do take note that the Black armor on snake face is removable !!!!

Just like any other action figure well at least most of them.

And his feet are like Skeletor's feet remold but done in a different color to suit Snake Face.

All the articulation and movement of the body parts of Snake Face is just like any other action figure from the MOTU Classics line and Snake face has tight Joints around his feet and it isn't a problem to hinder his balance.

On both arms of Snake Face you got green colored snakes crawling over him. This is just another extra feature with his arms and these snakes can't be removed as it is permanently molded with his arms.

Snake Face comes with the 2 accessories above. His Snake Staff which is cool !!!! And his shield shaped like a circular leaf.

Both fit well with this action figure.

Well the next picture is the close up of Snake face and boy he looks evil !!!

You must also take note that Snake Face mouth is permanently left ajar you can't close his mouth !!! It's a permanent face molding !!!

The Next picture i'm gonna show you is Snake Face with his armor removed !!! What I noticed about the MOTU Classics Action figures is that once you removed the armor of several action figures the armor is kinda hard to put back. But it's still possible to put back but it will take you some time.

Once you removed the armor of Snake Face as above you can see his scaly body and the reptile look with the scales .... well i don't really like this action figure cos it just isn't my type of thing for an action figure.

Of the bad guys i never liked the Snake men so that's why i am not fascinated with Snake Face either .

And the next picture will be the back of his body.

As you can see above even his shorts or underwear !!! he's wearing is scaly blue !!!!

And now i will show you the interesting part of Snake face !!! The Snake head mold which is another accessory with this figure.

Well you need to remove the front part of his armor which has straps on and once removed you can put in 2 more extra snake accessories on his tummy.

That is another accessory with Snake Face as well.

This looks is rather cool and i'd rather have him this way then his other face mold.

Well you gotta take note that Snake Face's head mold with the snakes coming out his face is a permanent fixture and you can't remove the snakes attached to his head. It was done that way. Even the back of his head has 2 snakes coming out.

So Fellow toy lovers the above picture is the last picture for this longer review and hope you enjoy my review as i had enjoyed presenting you.

If you want Snake face you can get it from an online toy store or Ebay and you can't get it from Mattycollector any more.

Well with that i will end this review and will be back for more as usual.

Thanks and Cheerzz !!!!