Saturday, July 6, 2013

M.A.S.K Outlaw complete with Nash Gorey and Miles Mayhem Review !!!!!!!!!

Back again with another review after a considerable break. Man was i all that tired and knocked out !!! Well but i never forgot all you toy lovers out there. And for all of you out there this will be a review of the vintage toys from the 80's which i grew up with. They are the M.A.S.K line from kenner.

This it's Outlaw complete with all accessories and the box as well. And i must say the toy is in terrific condition despite it's age !!!!

With that let me present to you the complete set of Outlaw.

Yes people just look at that isn't this a legend !!!!

I have featured the complete set here with all the accessories.

I will review them individually according to my pictures.

This is just the Oil Tanker.

The tanker is a major size and it's quite big. You will need a larger display case for putting this awesome vehicle and it is much larger then Rhino itself !!!!

As you can see here in the above picture that my Outlaw has a very fantastic chrome job. No wear and tear of the chrome and the stickers as well. It's really in excellent condition like ti was played just once or twice the most.

The stickers and the black colored Oil tanker goes well in contrast and they really fit the vehicles personality.

The front part of the oil tanker has also very good chrome paint on and it has no signs of wear and tear as well.

On the top of Outlaw near the drivers side you can see the chrome horns and that lid can be lifted to open up revealing awesome stuff !!!!

The picture above is the detailed look of all the parts associated with Outlaw.

If you have anything missing in this lot i have shown you above then your set isn't complete !!!! This excludes the box and the manual of Outlaw.

Above is the front part of Outlaw's manual. It also feature some mixed collections of M.A.S.K and Venom vehicles from the line.

This is the Full operation manual of Outlaw in the reverse side of my earlier picture.

It features all the operation you need to know to operate Outlaw.

Well Outlaw's manual is equally hard to find as well. And mine is completely safe.

The action figures associated with Outlaw are Nash Gorey and Miles Mayhem.

This is with their masks on. Miles Mayhem with Python Mask and Nash gorey with his green Powerhouse mask.

The next few pictures will be the attack mode of Outlaw which requires lots of manual assembly and fixtures.

Yup as you can see from the above picture the cannon is really large. The front part opens up and there is a torpedo hook in front. Awesome isn't it ???

Well in this direction as you can see the center part shows a piece which sticks out. And that is where the T shaped Radar fits in.

Like i said the front part pops up with the button at the bottom of the vehicle. This is where Miles Mayhem sits to shoot his grappling hook and this parts can turn 360 degrees as well.

  This is the power pack connected to the hose where Nah gorey is seated. And Nash gorey is seen operating with a computer control of Outlaw.

As you can see from the above picture even underneath the part where Miles mayhem seats the chrome wear is really awesome.

My camera could really bring out the shine there !!!!

And the above overall arial view of Outlaw is the final picture for this review.

Look at how awesome Outlaw is.

For what i know Outlaw is one of the vehicle which is rarely complete or really expensive when it really complete.

You should get this before all these classic toys run out !!!

With that i'll be back soon !!! Cheerzzz !!!!