Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Amazing world of Ben 10 !!!!!

Well again back with all the usual posts but this time with a slight twist which i have never done or discussed before in the past few years of toy reviews...and that is to discuss Ben 10 toys !!!! Well Ben 10 has existed for years now and boy i must tell you i am really fascinated by the toys as well and their colorful line of action figures as well. They have other interesting toys as well like the powdered Jello type of monster containers and all other interesting vehicles and weapons as well. But i never really did collect them as there were so many of them through the years that i really lost count of all their collections !!!! There is just too many characters and forms of Ben 10 and his monsters alike.

Well this time i'm just gonna feature Ben from Ben 10 itself which already has so many variations of himself. I shall show you the various bens in Ben 10 so far.

These are the Omniverse series of Ben 10.

So now you have seen just 3 versions of Ben !!! Well i don't know how many more are there in other versions ???

I am going to collect my favorite character from this franchise and that is just Ben !!! 

And make him the Ben10 hall of Ben !!!!

Well with that enjoy while i return !!! Cheerzzz !!!!

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