Sunday, February 26, 2012

Is this Knockout from Transformers Prime ???

As i go along collecting i also gather information about upcoming toys and other interesting stuff from the Transformers Franchise. Now at the moment Transformers Prime are the hottest next to the DOTM Movie franchise. 

One of the most favorite characters of mine in the Transformers Prime is none other then knockout !!!!! I like him so much because of his unique looks and his vehicle mode. The red color on knockout suits his personality so much. Hasbro's creators have done a great job in creating original looking characters from the earlier versions of the Transformers. this time the characters have a unique and a very original creative look. 

Well this few pics are from the Transformers Prime series and i wanted to show you Knockout fans out there.

Cool looking Knockout !!!!

The shine on his paint job is really awesome. Decepticons in the Transformers Prime series is one of the most unique and more creative. And i must say even though you take sides. Decepticons always look better then the autobots when it comes to creative vehicle modes and colors.

And just look at his face doesn't he look so composed and so conniving !!!!

Well that's knockout !!!!!

This Character is shown now most of the the time in the Transformers Prime Series.

Well enough said is this knockout ????

or is it this one ?

I'll let you guys discuss and speculate about this.

Found all of this pictures none other then the web for sources.

Knockout ???!!!!!

Well guess this is knockout !!!!

Can't wait for him to come out as a toy for me to buy and show you guys the full reviews !!!!
I will be eagerly waiting for this toy to be released and be in my hands. Till then cheerzzzz !!!!

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