Saturday, February 25, 2012

Transformers Prime (R.I.D) Deluxe Soundwave Exclusive long review !!!!!

I bought this Fantastic toy some days back and i have also opened it up as soon as i got it to get you all this long review of this particular character as i think it's one of the most popular and most anticipated toy to hit the market and people all over the world are looking forward to have this toys in their hands too. Well me too.
So i have opened it up for this long review. And for some reason i went to some shops Soundwave is hard to get and i thin it's in limited quantity. Well enough said this is Soundwave from Transformers Prime!!!!

I took this picture with Flash in the Daylight so as to bring out his actual bright colors for your deatiled review of how he looks like with his full coloration and details.

Just took some front angular views and poses. As you can see this version of Soundwave is really unique he is very bluish in color and the blue is a very bright metallic blue. I think this color is very unique to this particular character.

Is this cool or what? A hand signal like no other !!!!

As you can see here Laserbeak is out of his chest. He looks rather ok but for me i think he looks better with Laserbeak in his chest makes him look more complete. Don't you think.

This is Laserbeak in his hands. I must say i had difficulty figuring out which part of Laserbeak was his head. Oh well as long as he looks like a type of bird. You can see the wings spread out for Laserbeak. At certain times i look at Laserbeak in this version he seems to look like an antenna !!!!!

Just wanted to show you the people the low light effect on Soundwave. He look better with the flash on my camera so that he looks more vibrant and much brighter .

Damn i am in love with Soundwave. Tried to make as many poses as possible for your views of different angles of this unique character.

Soundwave wouldn't look complete without putting him in the Transformers Prime Display stand. All hail Soundwave !!!!!!!

As usual the hand raises of all my Transformers Prime toys. Well it has become my signature don't you agree ???!!!!

The next stage i'm gonna show you is the Jet mode which Soundwave Transforms into.

Below will be the Jet mode !!!!

As you can see in this pictures above even Soundwave's Jet mode Laserbeak sits in nicely into the back of the jet as you can see.

As you can see from this particular picture Laserbeak has been removed intentionally by me to see how he looks like. Well i should say he looks rather plain. Soundwave's jet mode also isn't complete without Laserbeak his little assassin.

Just a modified look of soundwave's jet mode i made just to show you fans out there how the different types of modes Soundwave looks like.

This will be the end of the review for Soundwave. More Transformers Prime toys coming up people. Keep it here people where it all happens.

In summary what i can tell you personally i think Soundwave is a marvelous figure to collect and i think you should get yours soon because from what i have observed in the wide market is that Soundwave are at very selective shops and it's rather hard to get hold off. Thats what happened to Arcee and cliffjumper for the First Editions. They are completely gone !!!! So get yours as soon as possible before new stock arrives in the shops and all the old stocks will be shipped out or stored at collector shops.

Get your Soundwave soon !!! Cheerzzz !!!!!