Friday, February 17, 2012

Optimus Prime And Bumblebee Touring Singapore Hot Spots !!!!!!

For the follow up for the Cybertron Convention in Singapore. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee wasted no time but to get the people in the Cybertron Con Fever !!!!! . They visited all the Hotspots people in singapore mostly frequent or go. These are the pcitures of the event as shown. Enjoy !!!!

This is the hawker food center they visited. Look at the children seeing so anxiously.

How about that enjoying a great meal after a big visit around the areas and maybe tired too. But er....I thought autobots didn't have to eat !!!!!!! Well anyways they were definitely an attraction for Singaporeans and tourists all over the world as the Transformers Fever continues to be a big thing for the past few years.

The children look so excited they don't want to eat or see other things other then our 2 heroes.

This is another place where the two heroes posed. This is the heart of Singapore it's called Raffles Place MRT  station. Here is the center meeting place of all the people looking to go back home. And what else is a better place then this one. For people to see our Heroes.

The ladies love the pose. And of course the love of the 2 heroes i guess.

Taking a Stroll around and seeing potential fans coming thier way.

As you can see at the back of the 2 heroes is the waters at the heart of Singapore. It's a good chance for people to take a boat ride and our 2 heroes chose this place to take their photo shots. They wave at all passerbys.

Another place here is called Chinatown. It's another tourist spot in singapore where our heroes also went to attract others fans and capture the hearts of people.

Autobots eating Ice Cream !!!! They don't have that in Cybertron !!!!!

Trishaw ride in Singapore. A great way to move !!!

This is Kallang Estate in Singapore where our heroes strolled about .

Buying food in a shop can't be done in Cybertron.

Above are all the pictures of all the cooked food shops our heroes went to .

I'll be featuring more on this event in Singapore where Cybertron Con 2012 is being held and all the follow up to this events and all great toy reviews too as usual. Please keep it here .