Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack Unleashed (Megatron)

This is the most favorite toy and character of mine from the Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack. Yes it's Megatron. This version i'm featuring are all from the Entertainment Pack. I'll be featuring the individual deluxe and voyager additions of Transformers Prime in my separate reviews and i will compare them with this addition.

As you can see this version of Megatron is very original in a sense that it's very individual in design and it has the old type touch of the generation 1 megatron combined with the modern jet like look of the movie and i don't know hoe they combined it but they managed to pull it off with this cool version of Megatron. And if you notice he still has the original color when he was in Generation 1 the silver type of finish and as usual a cannon always on his right arm. His trademark insignia !!!!

I particularly liked taking pictures with Megatron as i could make some very cool poses in the daylight with the sun shining very strongly on his outlook as a figurine.As you can see the sunlight truly brings out his character as Megatron.

This is the complete rear view of Lord Megatron. The details of him from behind are also fantastic as they are very well made in design and fantastically articulated. Transformers Prime toys are really much better in design then it's predecessor the DOTM Movie toys. Well anyways i'm a Transformers enthusiast so i collect everything. Ha ha !!!

Here i am featuring all the Nasty closeups of our friend Megatron and see how sinister looking he is in this up close and personal look.

Took this above picture with the sunlight focusing more on his body then his face . Awesome isn't it.

Some very cool close ups which i think you Transformers fans can co-relate to.The next pictures are the vehicle versions of Megatron when he transforms into his space jet mode !!!!!

Actually this is the Original version of how he looks like when he transforms into his jet mode according to the instruction manual in the Transformers Prime entertainment Pack.

This top view of Megatron's space Jet mode , dosen't it lloks like somebodies face? Well i don't know whose face it is. I think this was purposely done by Hasbro but i still don't get it . Whose face is this?

Maybe you fans out there can tell give me some reviews or answers on this issue.

And this is actually the wings spread out like in the Transformers Prime series but it isn't shown in the instructions manual about how the wings were spread , I had to figure it out myself and i managed to do it if not this picture above i wouldn't be able to show you people.

Another version of the Jet which i just took for my own personal interest purposes. Hope you like it.

And doesn't this picture look like a dinosaur flying?

Well what do you think !!!!!

And last but not least this is Megatron taking his stand as the superior Decepticon leader.

My suggestion is that go get your first edition Transformers Prime toys before they are gone or reproduced because i heard that the next new editions won't have the labels first edition of the toys so you need to get them fast before they are gone with the particular labelling on the package and it becomes Re-edition instead of First Edition. More reviews coming soon end of the week. Stay tuned people !!!!!!!