Saturday, February 4, 2012

Transformers Prime (Deluxe) Starscream Exclusive Review

This is Starscream from Transformers Prime. I will be reviewing every Transformers Prime toy i have in my possession. So that you guys can have a detailed look of how the toys and characters look like.

As you can see here these are the standing picture poses of Starscream. And he has complete class and elegance in his style don't you think !!! The Starscream from Transformers Prime is like no other. Very unique in looks then his previous versions and more sinister looking.

As you can see here are the missiles in his arms. Took him in this pose so has to show you that he is going to fire his missiles from his arms.

Starscream looks extremely presentable in this display stand. Looks very authentic.
For me i feel that Starscream for this version of Transformers Prime is one of the most unexpected design anyone could ever think of to make him look like this. At first when i saw the Transformers Prime series i never expected this particular character to be Starscream. Well Hasbro has always been giving surprises. And  that's why this toy is very unique in it's making.

The close up look of Lord Starscream !!!!

And this is the vehicle mode Starscream Transforms into in vehicle mode below.

A jet ..... looks more like a space jet .

As you can see this jet form of Starscream is better then the movie action figure toy because it's thin slick and very much compact in size. 

In this picture as you can see above is the top view of the jet but towards the front end of the jet to the middle part of the jet dosen't it look more like a face of a alien with the decepticon logo acting as a nose ??!!!!

Wanted to show you a close up of the missiles in Starscream's jet wings. It's actually made of rubber so it won't be hazardous to kids as it isn't sharp.

This will be the last picture for this Toy review i have done so far. This is a toy you should not surpass !!! as it is very cool and slick .... I have never regretted buying this toy. The Transformations for Starscream is kinda easy. So you won't have problems dealing with the complicated task of transforming from vehicle to robot and the reverse . Heard from another website that the label first edition for the toys in Transformers Prime won't be put in the re-editions when the new toys come out so grab your Transformers Prime toys fast as they won't be around for too long as the second wave of  toys are soon to come out. Go get this unique character from Transformers Prime Starscream !!!!! Cheerz  people !!!!