Saturday, February 18, 2012

Transformer Prime (R.I.D) Wheeljack Exclusive Long Review !!!!!!!!

I'm very excited to show you this actual figure which i was waiting for so long to be released and at last it did. I bought it just 2 days ago so i quickly opened it up and wanted to show you the photographs of this exclusive figure. I hope you fans out there will definitely be very happy to see this exclusively long review of Transformers Prime Wheeljack. And the this packaging as you can see from my page called Transformers Prime it's no more labelled First Edition but RID which means Robots in Disguise as you can see as my title in this post.

Well no time wasted this is Transformers Prime Wheeljack !!!!!!

If you notice very closely as you can see Wheeljack looks more like a Samurai warrior type of robot, compared to his earlier versions. And the sharp looks and colors make him look like a martial arts expert.
You will notice that in my reviews as i go along.

As you can see here the swords he's holding in his hands make him extremely cool in character and also makes him look more like a samurai type of warrior. 

As you can see i have deliberately made this poses of Wheeljack with different angles posing with his swords.
The swords make him complete with this figure. Its the first time ever i have seen Wheeljack having this type of weapon.  Never seen it previously.

Yup yup the Fantastic Blades and sidekick pose . I must say Wheeljack has fantastic balance and is quite rigid too. The only problem i had with this toy is that i can't move its waist line, much rather i could just move his legs and his arms only and get him to balance. If the waist part of  him could be move i would make a turning sidekick pose !!!!  Damn couldn't do it for this toy.

This above pose is one of my favorites of all of them reason being it gives Wheeljack a special character and touch to it. This pose actually the same pose as the package which was also displayed the exact same thing in my next picture below.

Well almost as close if you include all the bright lightings and the background which Hasbro used in maing this particular pose for the toy packaging. And just to let you know the new packaging for the Transformers Prime toys dosent come with the display stand. So if you want to pose your toys with the Display stand you need to get the First Edition packaging which i think you must get soon before they are all gone. For deluxe editions of Transformers Prime Deluxe and Voyager first Editions the display stands are different.

This cross bladed pose makes Wheeljack very cool and composed. I'm trying to make Wheeljack look like what he was doing in the Transformers Prime Series.

Look at this upper sword cross pose !!!! Damn Wheeljack is cool !!!!!

Side views of Wheeljack which is one of the most important because i want you to gt a clear view of how he looks like. As you can see the wheels on him also are very unique.

Another kick ass pose of Wheeljack .

Nothing comes close then this very personal close up of our classic Hero Wheeljack. As you can see the head details of Wheeljack is extremely Awesome. The unique thing about wheeljack in this particular form is that he still retains his old Generation 1 looks with a much more modified and enhanced look. Hasbro has done a great job in making Transformers Prime a very successful and good project.

And now i'm going to show you the awesome car mode he transforms into extremely amazing.

Yes people Wheeljack's fantastic Vehicle mode.The Sports car.

This is the attack mode when the two swords go infront of the Vehicle.

Some extras i just included to see how the vehicle mode looks like with Wheeljack's sword connected behind the car. Just for Design sake and for my own enthusiasm.

Last but not least a hands up by Wheeljack saying he is the one. Well i do this poses for all my transformers Prime toys. It has become the symbol for my blog and for my toys too.

In summary what i can say and what you can see for yourself wheeljack is a Fantastic toy to collect and you better get him fast before he is gone for good. He is selling fast. I saw 10 wheeljacks at the shop and the next day it was just 3 more left. So don't wait up. Get it soon while it's still in stock. 

More toy reviews coming up keep it right here people.