Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Ever Transformers Convention in Singapore !!!!!

Hello there people didn't post here for a while as i have been very busy with work and my own stuff. I always like to blog about transformers Stuff as i love buying these great toys ever created and now the first time in Singapore there is a Transformers Convention !!!! Yes you got that right the First ever in Singapore !!!!

This will be the first biggest Transformers event in singapore !!!! It's held in Resorts World Singapore in sentosa island. It's one of the biggest event placed in this particular convention !!!! There will be a lot of toys especially Transformers toys yes yes yes !!!! And many interesting stuff too to look forward to. I'll post more details in the upcoming days to follow up with this post so please keep it right here Transformers Fans worldwide,asia and of course Singapore fans !!!!! where this event is being held !!!!!!