Friday, February 10, 2012

Cybertron Con Singapore 2012 Details (Exclusive)

Like I promised now i'm going to give you the details of the Cybertron Convention Singapore in detail. I'll give you the exciting things lined up for you Transformers Fans out there who has been waiting for all of this to happen.

I personally have waited for this kind of convention to come for a long time now and my dreams have ultimately come true. This is it !!!!

This will be the displays of all the Transformers toys evolved through the years and will be one of the most exciting experience of all the old, young and new fans. Transformers has changed my life forever. What was a childhood dream for ages which i thought was just cartoons and animations ultimately became big with it's movie creation franchise. This i'm so grateful because it has relived peoples imagination and has returned with a major debut ever for the 21st century for all major collectors.

One of the close up of the displays which i think is anybody's favorite. The classics.
I've always remembered Megatron, Starscream, Optimus Prime and The Dinobots to be one of the most influential characters of all time in the Transformers characters.

And of Course who will ever forget the Jetfire and Optimus combination from the Transformers movie "Revenge of the Fallen" Power up Optimus Prime.

This will be an interesting game featured for those Transformers Fans who are good with thier fingers and are able to transform the toys at the fastest time. I will definitely be one of them !!!! I'll be at the top of my game.

The beautiful ladies with the most coolest robots in the world don't you think ??!!!!

This was the Cybertron Convention in Shanghai last year and i hope they have this car for display so i can be able to take a personal photo of it myself. and maybe i will pose for it too. This car is sooo Coool !!!!!

This is the year of the Dragon and the Ultimate Optimus Prime Dragon print edition is definitely a collection any Transformers fan will definitely would want to have or own. I'll have this in my blog for reviews as i have already got it and i would like to show the sheer awesomeness of this figure.

But unfortunately this edition of Ultimate Optimus Prime is only for release in Asia only.
I wonder the Americas and other parts of the world have it. Will have to discover that later on  till then .........

Look at the cube it's awesome.

And a huge Bumblebee for the Transformers Fans around the world !!!!

A senior trying to get the fastest fingers !!!!

The Big Guns of Hasbro I guess .

And of course more big guns !!!! All this are the people behind the toys and it's creations . Thank you very much guys !!!! Cheerz Forever, you are the greatest.

Other collections from the Transforrmers animated !!! Although the characters and the cartoon didn't have a great impact on the overall Transformers arena but it did make some noise. But i personally didn't collect them as they were looking rather animated and out of my mind because it didn't have the appeal like it did for the earlier versions of the toys and characters i guess.

The Shanghai Convention !!!!! Last year.

Well enough said in the next few days there will be more toys updates and also other updates concurrently with my Transformers Collections and more details of the Transformers Cybertron Convention Singapore. 

As you can see in my blog i will also be featuring other toys as well the new Star wars toys as well. Star wars enthusiasts can also check it out here. Although i do collect Star wars and other toys. But i still prefer the Transformers toys because of it's vehicle and robot dual mode which makes it unique in it's own way.

So later people !!!!!!