Friday, June 28, 2013

Transformers Prime Predacon leader Beast Fire Predaking (Batteries not included) in hand !!!!!!

Hello there people i got a huge Predaking in toys r us today !!!!

I am now featuring it here in my blog hope you enjoy the toy in the package. My friends just couldn't let it go when they saw me buy it !!!! Well here it is in picture !!!!

This is the front of the package !!!!

Of Beast Fire Predaking !!!!!

And this below is the back of the package !!!!

Well with that enjoy this toy as this is one hell of a fascinating toy people Cheerzz !!!!

Enjoy !!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MOTU Classics Slush Head Action Figure Review !!!!!

I'm back with another Masters Of The Universe Classics toy review which i had recently acquired. This is a character from the New Adventures of He-man animated series dated back in 1989. He was one of the space mutants helping out Skeletor in the Series for the fight against He-man. So well this figure is basically the same as any other from the Classics line up of toys but... has a few interesting twists to it.

And with that i shall continue with the review of Slush Head !!!!

Look at the figure ... he really looks like a water space mutant .... and moreover i always never knew what type of creatures were the mutants other then their own names. Never could figure it out. Even Karatti...i don't even know what creature he is !!!!

Well as you can see above the 2 silverish claws sticking out his back can be removed actually. I didn't go about troubling myself to remove as such as i just thought you guys would just figure it out yourselves !!!!

Like i said before the silverish robotic claws can be removed from the back and moreover you can't take out his armor as well as it is attached permanently to his head.

This is one extra accessory which comes with Slush Head his weapon which is a axe shaped gun !!!!

And interesting weapon actually !!!!

Well in the above picture i just put the weapon this way to show a different point of view and not necessarily a required weapon pose .... just thought it to be cool that's all !!!

Well the above is the last picture for this review and boy this guy is cool and interesting. Behind his clear head sculpt there is a small knob to enable you put some water in there to make him look submerged and that was what he looked like in the animated series as well. And for this i also didn't go through the trouble of showing it to go figure. And moreover this guy isn't for sale anymore in Mattycollector as well so happy hunting for him !!!!

With that i'll be back with more reviews !!!! Cheerzz people !!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Latest mixed lot of toys from Toys R Us Singapore !!!!

Dear people just went through my usual Toy Hunt and spotted some hot toys from Toys R Us Singapore. But some of these toys may seem cool to some but may not be appealing to others ... but nevertheless i want to lessen you burden of imagining things and let you see the latest toys out now in the stores in Toys R Us.

Well !!! The first Being the Monsters University Frat Pack !!!! Below !!!

The Front .

And the Back of the Package !!! This is an awesome set !!!!

The Next will be the Platinum Edition of Ultra Magnus with his Gold Hammer !!!!

Like the one he was in Transformers Prime but this is even more detailed !!!

Yup this guy is pure awesomeness !!! Just imagine a great Masterpiece in the making with very good details !!!

And more Turtle Power from the Nickelodeon TMNT Toy line series with additional  Characters i have shown below. 3 extra characters actually !!!!

Fishface .

April O'Neil .

Dogpound .

And Toys R Us Singapore has also comeout with some new interesting toys as well !!!

The Despicable 2 animated movie has released it's own line of toys as well !!!!

Below are some pictures of the toys from the line so far !!!!

Well the above picture will be the lat picture for this short posting i have shown you all of the latest toys out in the stores around singapore !!!

Well with that i'll end this posting and i will let you all speculate and discuss !!! Cheerzz people !!! Happy Hunting of toys ....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

MOTU Classics Octavia Action Figure Review !!!!!!!!!!

Back again with another awesome review for all you Masters Of The Universe Fans out there. Like i said this is also my ongoing collection of toys which i am collecting as well and i plan to complete the collections of this particular line unlike Transformers which is completely endless but very interesting to collect because of their alternate changing modes. Masters Of The Universe is one of the toys i grew up with so i particularly collect this to relive my memory of my childhood days.

With that this is Octavia Below !!!!

As you can see above Octavia is very brightly colored in her yellow and green. The green blends well with the yellow to bring out her true looks.

The tentacles on her back can be removed. Well i didn't really go about shoeing you the holes at the back of where those fit in but you can see on my Youtube channel the details of her video review.

I really love Octavia's High heels black boots. And you will see the Evil Horde logos on her top part of her boots as well. The black boots really goes well on this figure as well.

The back part of her hair is orange in color. The hair styles flow is like any other similar figure from the MOTU Classics line similar to She-ra and Catra and many other female action figures. Its just a repaint thats all and moreover the hair is made of a soft rubber.

As you can see above her waist can be moved sideways as well to give you this pose i have taken.

But one very irritating thing about Octavia is because her hair is trapped with her tentacles at the back this renders her head movement to be very limited.

You can practically turn her head you can just move her waist to do some adjustments of her side or turning views. Well can't get all the things in an action figure can't we !!!! but the rest of her looks are all picture perfect.

I particularly like this pose of Octavia above. Makes her very classy yet evil with vengence.

That makes the evil characters so cool !!!!

As you can see above the close up of Octavia here has a V shape around her neck.

And the band above her head holding her hair and little bits of hair sticking at the sides of the chin.

Her lipstick is really awesome with her face. Very well detailed as well.

The picture above shows the various weapons accessories which come with Octavia.

Her above are her four knives attached to her tentacles and a cross bow which features a squid like feature on the front unlike the ones which Hordak has.

Well the above picture ladies and gentlemen is the last picture for this review and boy i must tell ya this is one of the most amazing figure to own in the Evil Horde gang.

She has already been sold out in Mattycollector and boy you gotta go hunt for her.

She is worth a keep so don't miss your chances in getting her.

With that Cheerzz  and i will be back for more reviews !!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Kenner Starwars Spaceships bought back in the 90's !!!!! Are now for sale !!!!

Hello there people my friend has a sale featured in his collection. This time it's all the toys from the 90's which we have right here. All these toys are all for sale as they are clearing stock. We are letting all this go !!!!

You can add me at my facebook profile pages at for prices.

All these space hips are made by Kenner back then and i don't see this much in production nowadays.

Guess all these are rare after all. Well i have featured them here to give you a clear view of these spacehip displays.

Well are in loose condition and they don't come with the package or the instructions. But all these spaceships make a great art piece to display.

Well with that i will end this short posting and give you the opportunity to get them from me if you see this post !!!! Cheerzz people !!!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mcfarlane toys Metallica 3D Album Cover Master Of Puppets Review !!!!!!!

Hello there people i am now reviewing my ongoing collection of toys from Todd Mcfarlane which i bought some time back but i'm now going to review as i think it's cool to review Todd Mcfarlanes toys as it is an attitude of it's own.Well this toy is no more in production and it's rare as it is obsolete now.

I have always loved toys from Mcfarlane as he had created many type of Music related toys which were rock related music and most of those music bands or artists were my favorite.So as a collector i decided to buy all the music related figures and review them here. Starting with this which is an album cover art of Metallica's Master of Puppets Album and it's brought to life by having a 3D effect on the cover.No cd's or vinyls are included with this toy though.

Yup just look at the album cover art above it's just awesome looking when you see it in close up. The Album Cover art is really an exact replica to the actual Album cover based on Metallica's Album dated back in 1988.

As you can see above the sides of the Album Cover has the Album's name,model number of the toys manufacturer as well.

The back of the album cover on the top is a small hole which enables you to hang this piece if art. You just gotta get a nail on the wall to get this to set in.

The rectangular piece on the center actually enables you to pull it out in 45 degrees to lay it on a table or on top of your desktop.

As you can see above there is a slant towards the front bottom part of the Album cover showing the grave soil with the tombstones. The soil in the ground looks so real. That is one of the most unique authentic design art which i have ever seen.

 The above picture is the arms of the Metallica album cover holding the strings towards the gravestones.

The strings are very carefully attached finger to finger in a single angle connected to the gravestones.

This is another featured art which is really awesome.

As you can see above this is the close up of the Metallica band logo and the fingers.

Metallica's wording is very smooth flowing according to the album cover and the fingers have very intricate details of the nails and the wrinkles of the skin.

These are all hand painted i guess and you gotta admit it's just fantastic.

On the right side of the album cover as you can see above is the Army soldiers helmet. The Helmet is practically pasted to the gravestone. So do not attempt to remove it !!!!

And as you can see above the strings are carefully attached to the gravestones very carefully and pasted to the gravestones as well.

The Fern and grass designs are painted and designed on the gravestones as well.

The center part of the gravestones spots a dog tag attached to the gravestone and it dangles loose. But it can't be removed as well as it is being blocked by the string.

Well with that i shall end this review of this awesome toy.

Go get your Metallica 3D Album Cover art from Mcfarlane before it's gone forever. As far as i am concerned this is already long not in production and it dates back to 2003 when this was produced as a toy.

Most of this are only subject to availability if any collectible shops are selling it or collectors like me.

I have extras as well for sale.

This toy is for any True Metallica fan and a person who loves this album as well. Which i definitely do, with that cheerzz people and i will be back with more awesome reviews.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Transformers Generation 2 Decepticon Giant Warrior Bruticus Full long Review !!!!!

Hello there people i am back with another full review of my new Transformers collection. It's the Generation 2 Bruticus. This will be a very long detailed review as it consists of 5 seperate robots which i have to show you as well as combining them to make the mighty Bruticus !!!

So here goes this is Bruticus !!!!

Yes people believe me when i tell you that it's a giant robot combiner !!!!

Bruticus actually is a combination of 5 seperate robots which actually form him when put together. Here below this header will be the 5 robots i am telling you about.

Well since the image above is rather small for this review i shall go through every individual robot which make up of Bruticus in full review beginning with ......

Swindle !!!!

As you can see Swindle has an awesome color of red !!! The purple colored camouflage colors spread out on his body is what which makes the robot unique and stand out of the rest of the Robots as well.

And the Generation 2 Decepticon Logo is rather different as well.

Each individual robot has his own unique weapon so does Swindle who is holding his gun on the right arm.

The above picture is the back of Swindle and boy is he rather flat and skinny looking like a robot without any mechanism . He doesn't have the overall "full" look when he is seen from the back.

Above is the Close up of Swindle which is cool with his orange colored eyes looking like sunglasses !!!! But strangely as you watch closely at his face he spots and open mouth which is rather strange for me as i noticed most robots in the Transformers line comes with thier mouth closed or even if they are open there is jaws or teeth sticking out !!! 

So i wonder why was this done ???

Well furthur proceeding of my review i shall show you Swindle's Vehicle mode which is an armored car !!!

The gun on Swindle's right arm shown earlier goes to the top part of his vehicle mode.

Swindle forms the right leg of Bruticus.

The second Robot which consists of Bruticus is Blast Off !!!! Below.

Blast off also has a purplish camouflage painting on top of his overall whitish look.

He is holding on to 2 weapons on both his arms.

From the above picture you can see that Blast has a more full look from the back as compared to Swindle earlier.

The Camouflage colors are much less then swindle as well.

As you can see Swindle has a very white looking thief like face.

He has 2 orange eyes seperated towards the centre and a mouth cover as well.

Next i will show you Blast off's Vehicle mode which is a spaceship below ....

The Spaceship bears his 2 weapons on the right and left wings.

Do take note that Blast off's vehicle mode doesn't have wheels underneath so his a stationary spaceship.

Blast off forms the right arm of Bruticus.

So the above picture is the back of Blast off and i will now go on to the third robot which makes Bruticus and he is called .....

Decepticon Brawl  !!!!!

Brawl has a very unique greenish looking color with his silverish streaks here and there.

He holds his individual weapon as well !!!!

From the back you can see the purple colors spread out at his back cannons and his upper shoulders as well. These were not done on the front of Decepticon Brawl.

And look at the awesome close up of Decepticon Brawl. He has orange colored eyes which look like visors on him.

Next is Decepticon Brawl's vehicle mode which is a tank below .....

In the above picture you can see the weapon on his arms is put on the top of the cannons on in between the tank .

The tank doesn't have wheels as well. So it's basically a non-moving stationary tank.

And do take note that the tanks cannons can be moved backwards to fire at the back of the tank mode of Decepticon Brawl !!!

The Above picture is the back part of the tank but it looks rather different in a sense in this angle which i have taken the photograph it looks like it has a crab like look and not a tank at all !!!!

And the above will be the front view of the tank.

Decepticon Brawl forms the left leg of Bruticus.

Next will be the fourth robot which consists of Bruticus and he is none other then .....

Onslaught !!!!

Onslaught becomes the center part of Bruticus .

Onslaught above has his weapon on his left arm.

The yellow and purple goes well with his overall look.

The back of Onslaught does not really look overly interesting but it does have a rather unique formation of his colors.

The head and face of Onslaught is rather tilted downwards but generally he has orange looking vizor eyes and a purple head with a jaw cover !!!!

Next will be the vehicle mode of Onslaught which is kind of a Armored pickup !!!! Below ....

And as you can see above the purple colored camouflage goes with the yellow very well because of the background colors. And thats what nakes this robots look more unique then any robots i have ever seen.

His weapon is attached to the top of the vehicle.

The wheels on Onslaught's vehicle mode are very smooth rolling.

The above picture will be the front part of the vehicle.

Well the fifth and last robot which consists of Bruticus is Vortex below .....

Vortex forms the left arm of Bruticus.

Well the above is Vortex who is mostly purple and light blue colored body.

He also spots some camouflage purplish colors on his legs and arms as well.

Like any of the above robots before he holds 2 weapons as well.

As you can see above Vortex has also a very full body and a very heavy back pack on his back as well.

He is very balanced when made to a pose.

As you can see the above close up Vortex looks rather weird with his face.

His vizor is orange in color but his overall face is shaped very oddly.

Don't really like his face so much and with that i shall show you the vehicle mode of Vortex which is an armored Helicopter.

Like i said earlier his weapons attach to the right and left sides of the front part of the helicopter.

Well the above picture is the front part of the helicopter and it looks like a bird from this angle !!!

And the above picture will be the last picture consisting of the 5 robots which make up into Bruticus !!!

The next few picture will be the Giant Warrior himself i have made in several poses.

Enjoy !!!

Above you can see on the right arm of Bruticus is the combination of all the five indvidual robots weapons combined to make one Mega weapon. That is what Bruticus is holding.

Well the above picture will be the last picture for Bruticus Review !!!

Let me say to you go and get this guy. He is hot !!! Once i got him i just couldn't wait to play and dis assemble him. He is addictive. Better get him fast before he is all gone. Well people this is a very long review compared to my all other toy reviews and hope you all like the pictures i have presented to you as well.

With that i end this review and i will be back for more. Cheerzz people !!!