Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MOTU Classics Slush Head Action Figure Review !!!!!

I'm back with another Masters Of The Universe Classics toy review which i had recently acquired. This is a character from the New Adventures of He-man animated series dated back in 1989. He was one of the space mutants helping out Skeletor in the Series for the fight against He-man. So well this figure is basically the same as any other from the Classics line up of toys but... has a few interesting twists to it.

And with that i shall continue with the review of Slush Head !!!!

Look at the figure ... he really looks like a water space mutant .... and moreover i always never knew what type of creatures were the mutants other then their own names. Never could figure it out. Even Karatti...i don't even know what creature he is !!!!

Well as you can see above the 2 silverish claws sticking out his back can be removed actually. I didn't go about troubling myself to remove as such as i just thought you guys would just figure it out yourselves !!!!

Like i said before the silverish robotic claws can be removed from the back and moreover you can't take out his armor as well as it is attached permanently to his head.

This is one extra accessory which comes with Slush Head his weapon which is a axe shaped gun !!!!

And interesting weapon actually !!!!

Well in the above picture i just put the weapon this way to show a different point of view and not necessarily a required weapon pose .... just thought it to be cool that's all !!!

Well the above is the last picture for this review and boy this guy is cool and interesting. Behind his clear head sculpt there is a small knob to enable you put some water in there to make him look submerged and that was what he looked like in the animated series as well. And for this i also didn't go through the trouble of showing it to you...so go figure. And moreover this guy isn't for sale anymore in Mattycollector as well so happy hunting for him !!!!

With that i'll be back with more reviews !!!! Cheerzz people !!!!

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