Saturday, June 22, 2013

MOTU Classics Octavia Action Figure Review !!!!!!!!!!

Back again with another awesome review for all you Masters Of The Universe Fans out there. Like i said this is also my ongoing collection of toys which i am collecting as well and i plan to complete the collections of this particular line unlike Transformers which is completely endless but very interesting to collect because of their alternate changing modes. Masters Of The Universe is one of the toys i grew up with so i particularly collect this to relive my memory of my childhood days.

With that this is Octavia Below !!!!

As you can see above Octavia is very brightly colored in her yellow and green. The green blends well with the yellow to bring out her true looks.

The tentacles on her back can be removed. Well i didn't really go about shoeing you the holes at the back of where those fit in but you can see on my Youtube channel the details of her video review.

I really love Octavia's High heels black boots. And you will see the Evil Horde logos on her top part of her boots as well. The black boots really goes well on this figure as well.

The back part of her hair is orange in color. The hair styles flow is like any other similar figure from the MOTU Classics line similar to She-ra and Catra and many other female action figures. Its just a repaint thats all and moreover the hair is made of a soft rubber.

As you can see above her waist can be moved sideways as well to give you this pose i have taken.

But one very irritating thing about Octavia is because her hair is trapped with her tentacles at the back this renders her head movement to be very limited.

You can practically turn her head you can just move her waist to do some adjustments of her side or turning views. Well can't get all the things in an action figure can't we !!!! but the rest of her looks are all picture perfect.

I particularly like this pose of Octavia above. Makes her very classy yet evil with vengence.

That makes the evil characters so cool !!!!

As you can see above the close up of Octavia here has a V shape around her neck.

And the band above her head holding her hair and little bits of hair sticking at the sides of the chin.

Her lipstick is really awesome with her face. Very well detailed as well.

The picture above shows the various weapons accessories which come with Octavia.

Her above are her four knives attached to her tentacles and a cross bow which features a squid like feature on the front unlike the ones which Hordak has.

Well the above picture ladies and gentlemen is the last picture for this review and boy i must tell ya this is one of the most amazing figure to own in the Evil Horde gang.

She has already been sold out in Mattycollector and boy you gotta go hunt for her.

She is worth a keep so don't miss your chances in getting her.

With that Cheerzz  and i will be back for more reviews !!!!

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