Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Starwars Episode 1 watches collection bought back in 1999 is now for sale at my site !!!!!!

Dear people bought almost a decade and a half ago some watches from the Starwars Episode 1 era back in 1999. These are all timeless masterpieces which were bought back then and i don't need them anymore i will be more then happy to let all these whole collection go !!!! All these watches are in mint condition brand new in the package.

Although there is some aging in the package itself all the watches in the box are brand new !!!! you can add me at my facebook profile pages at https://www.facebook.com/transformers4ever .

Pm and add me and we can close this deal !!! I'm clearing all my old stocks which i don't really need anymore or collect so hope you all like this !!!! Cheerzz people and below is the picture of my Star wars Watches bough back in 1999 !!!