Friday, June 14, 2013

Transformers Prime Beasthunters Ripclaw Review !!!!!

Hey hey hey back with another Transformers Review. Yes it's Transformers Prime beast hunters deluxe toys. This is a Predacon and it's one of my favorite as it has very nice colors on it and the Dragon mode and the robot mode as well are extremely cool and awesome. I shall show you the details of toy in the review.

This is Ripclaw !!! and take not that it's a she meaning it's a female Predacon !!!! well as far as i am concerned i haven't understood the origin of this robot !!! but i'll give the credits to a fantastic toy !!! and now the review and the pictures which follow. 

Just look at Ripclaw's awesome colors and the different shades of Metallic blue which is a great contrast and color combination with the red and gold colors as well.

I think this is one of the better colored toys i have seen in a Transformers Character.

Well the above picture as you can see the back part of Ripclaw is her tail. The tail is a rather soft and bendy material which is used and it's not the regular hard plastic which is like the rest of her body parts. But because her tail is kinda long even in here robot mode you can't really balance Ripclaw as the weight of her tail brings it down. But you can use her tail as a tool to balance her from the back.

The back of Ripclaw with her wings as well.

As you can see above the right arm of Ripclaw bears her weapon. Its claw type pincers on the weapon can be fixed to her arms and it opens up as well...the details will be in the next few pictures.

Yup like what i had told you earlier of Ripclaw this is the Claw type of Pincers which actually opens up in attack mode !!!!

Cool ain't it !!!

And since the tail at the back is heavy and long i could take the pose as such of Ripclaw .

Look at the awesome close up of Ripclaw. Take note that her open jaw can't be closed it's a fixed positioning for her head !!!!

Next will be her Beast mode which i a smaller dragon then Predaking !!!!

Let me introduce to you the Beast mode of Ripclaw below !!!!

Ripclaw's legs can be bent at her hind legs to position her in a form of attack position.

As you may have noticed from the pictures earlier of Ripclaw's Robot mode the weapon she was holding can be removed to put on the tail end of her beast dragon mode. It;s actually removable to function both ways.

Above is Ripclaw's facial close up and her jaw can actually be opened up and closed as well unlike her robot mode where her jaw is wide open in a snarling position !!!!

Well the above picture will be the last picture for this review. Hope you guys love this review after a long time of other toy updates and reviews. I will always review transformers no matter what toys i get but i am also a huge toy collector of other lines as well. And hope my other toys interest you as well as Transformers like it did for me.

What i can say about Ripclaw is that she is one of the most popular predacons so far and she is easily sold out when she is seen in the shelves.

And i would say go get her before she is completely gone from the Transformers Prime line.,

With that cheerzz  people and i will be back !!!!!

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