Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mcfarlane toys Metallica 3D Album Cover Master Of Puppets Review !!!!!!!

Hello there people i am now reviewing my ongoing collection of toys from Todd Mcfarlane which i bought some time back but i'm now going to review as i think it's cool to review Todd Mcfarlanes toys as it is an attitude of it's own.Well this toy is no more in production and it's rare as it is obsolete now.

I have always loved toys from Mcfarlane as he had created many type of Music related toys which were rock related music and most of those music bands or artists were my favorite.So as a collector i decided to buy all the music related figures and review them here. Starting with this which is an album cover art of Metallica's Master of Puppets Album and it's brought to life by having a 3D effect on the cover.No cd's or vinyls are included with this toy though.

Yup just look at the album cover art above it's just awesome looking when you see it in close up. The Album Cover art is really an exact replica to the actual Album cover based on Metallica's Album dated back in 1988.

As you can see above the sides of the Album Cover has the Album's name,model number of the toys manufacturer as well.

The back of the album cover on the top is a small hole which enables you to hang this piece if art. You just gotta get a nail on the wall to get this to set in.

The rectangular piece on the center actually enables you to pull it out in 45 degrees to lay it on a table or on top of your desktop.

As you can see above there is a slant towards the front bottom part of the Album cover showing the grave soil with the tombstones. The soil in the ground looks so real. That is one of the most unique authentic design art which i have ever seen.

 The above picture is the arms of the Metallica album cover holding the strings towards the gravestones.

The strings are very carefully attached finger to finger in a single angle connected to the gravestones.

This is another featured art which is really awesome.

As you can see above this is the close up of the Metallica band logo and the fingers.

Metallica's wording is very smooth flowing according to the album cover and the fingers have very intricate details of the nails and the wrinkles of the skin.

These are all hand painted i guess and you gotta admit it's just fantastic.

On the right side of the album cover as you can see above is the Army soldiers helmet. The Helmet is practically pasted to the gravestone. So do not attempt to remove it !!!!

And as you can see above the strings are carefully attached to the gravestones very carefully and pasted to the gravestones as well.

The Fern and grass designs are painted and designed on the gravestones as well.

The center part of the gravestones spots a dog tag attached to the gravestone and it dangles loose. But it can't be removed as well as it is being blocked by the string.

Well with that i shall end this review of this awesome toy.

Go get your Metallica 3D Album Cover art from Mcfarlane before it's gone forever. As far as i am concerned this is already long not in production and it dates back to 2003 when this was produced as a toy.

Most of this are only subject to availability if any collectible shops are selling it or collectors like me.

I have extras as well for sale.

This toy is for any True Metallica fan and a person who loves this album as well. Which i definitely do, with that cheerzz people and i will be back with more awesome reviews.

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