Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monsters University Sulley Action Figure Review !!!!

Dear people just got my Monsters University Sulley from the toy stores recently before the release of the Movie itself later this month.

Let me tell you this is one cool figure to have cos the colors are just so fantastic.

Colors are nice and blue.

Sulley action figure approximately is around 7 inches in height.

Well this is my review of this cool character which is one of the cutest and most outstanding and everybody's favorite Monsters Franchise !!!!!

Look at Sulley above interesting isn't he ???

Well take note that this version of Sulley isn't furry or soft on the outside. Rather he is one hot plastic solid figurine.

The Upper body which is the arms and the head are the only parts which can move !!!!

Legs and his waist towards his belly are all fixed positions !!!!

From the back of Sulley his purple patches are very well spread and painted just like what he is featured in the animated series as well.

His tail can be rotated as well.

Overall the paint job on this figure is awesome.

As you can see above Sulley is one guy which is easily articulated to do different poses with his arms. And since the legs are in fixed position for this figure the balance is very good. You wont easily see him topple that easily.

And the last picture below will be the last picture for this review which is the close up of Sulley !!!!

Even the paint job on the eyes of Sulley are very well done for this action figure.

Jaws and mouth of Sulley can't be moved as well.

Well with that i shall end this review and be back for more.

What i can say as a collector for toys Monsters University will always be a unique franchise of toys but not for every collector as they are very diversified and very individual for a collector.

Since it's not a very common animated series and since it's a movie based toy other animated franchises which were much longer in timeline and in popularity will definitely beat this sector. Audiences as far as i am concerned for this franchise was targeted to more of children and maybe even more to say Female children as it has those high school feel.

This franchise won't appeal to every toy collector. But for me i just had to have the basic toy collection to show the toys from Disney. So down the line some people and future generations will know that these toys actually existed at a time !!!

Well with that Cheerzz  people and i'll be back.