Friday, June 21, 2013

Kenner Starwars Spaceships bought back in the 90's !!!!! Are now for sale !!!!

Hello there people my friend has a sale featured in his collection. This time it's all the toys from the 90's which we have right here. All these toys are all for sale as they are clearing stock. We are letting all this go !!!!

You can add me at my facebook profile pages at for prices.

All these space hips are made by Kenner back then and i don't see this much in production nowadays.

Guess all these are rare after all. Well i have featured them here to give you a clear view of these spacehip displays.

Well are in loose condition and they don't come with the package or the instructions. But all these spaceships make a great art piece to display.

Well with that i will end this short posting and give you the opportunity to get them from me if you see this post !!!! Cheerzz people !!!!!

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