Thursday, June 6, 2013

Monsters University Slimy Figurines Spotted at Toys R Us Singapore !!!!

Hello there people sorry for the delayed review for some stuff i was held up with lately. Well guess what the new craze is about Monsters University which was almost more then a decade ago when the first franchise Monsters Inc was released. I spotted some interesting toys in Toys R Us in Singapore (like i always do). And guess what i got this Slimy figurines based on the Monsters University Movie.

Boy this is so cool and collectible so i am gonna present to you the pictures everybody just check it out !!!

Yes the above pictures are the Monsters University based toys.

And they come with an exclusive figurine from the franchise and also a packet of slime !!!

Yes you got that right Slime !!!!

This picture above features the rest of the collectible figurines from this particular product series. In total there are 24 figurines to collect.

The thing is you wont be able to see what monster is inside the package because of the sealed package which is hardly visible from the exterior if you want to see what is inside !!!

Well good luck !!! 

Yes people this is the instructions in the package for this toy !!!! 

As you can see above this is the pictures of the toy out of the package which includes the monster and a packet of slime. And if you observe properly even the green casing comes in a shape of a door which the Monsters come out from to scare the kids based on the First Movie Monsters Inc.

Well i'm gonna show you the last 2 pictures for this review and the size of this toy in my hands.

Yup they are quite small actually and that is why it will really appeal to kids. But nevertheless it got me hooked as well, and guess what i think i'm gonna collect all of them as well and present it to all of you in my facebook and here as well.

So guys get this before they are gone. So far i have only seen them in toys r us.

Cheerzzz People and enjoy !!!!