Monday, June 17, 2013

Transformers Generation 2 Decepticon Giant Warrior Bruticus Full long Review !!!!!

Hello there people i am back with another full review of my new Transformers collection. It's the Generation 2 Bruticus. This will be a very long detailed review as it consists of 5 seperate robots which i have to show you as well as combining them to make the mighty Bruticus !!!

So here goes this is Bruticus !!!!

Yes people believe me when i tell you that it's a giant robot combiner !!!!

Bruticus actually is a combination of 5 seperate robots which actually form him when put together. Here below this header will be the 5 robots i am telling you about.

Well since the image above is rather small for this review i shall go through every individual robot which make up of Bruticus in full review beginning with ......

Swindle !!!!

As you can see Swindle has an awesome color of red !!! The purple colored camouflage colors spread out on his body is what which makes the robot unique and stand out of the rest of the Robots as well.

And the Generation 2 Decepticon Logo is rather different as well.

Each individual robot has his own unique weapon so does Swindle who is holding his gun on the right arm.

The above picture is the back of Swindle and boy is he rather flat and skinny looking like a robot without any mechanism . He doesn't have the overall "full" look when he is seen from the back.

Above is the Close up of Swindle which is cool with his orange colored eyes looking like sunglasses !!!! But strangely as you watch closely at his face he spots and open mouth which is rather strange for me as i noticed most robots in the Transformers line comes with thier mouth closed or even if they are open there is jaws or teeth sticking out !!! 

So i wonder why was this done ???

Well furthur proceeding of my review i shall show you Swindle's Vehicle mode which is an armored car !!!

The gun on Swindle's right arm shown earlier goes to the top part of his vehicle mode.

Swindle forms the right leg of Bruticus.

The second Robot which consists of Bruticus is Blast Off !!!! Below.

Blast off also has a purplish camouflage painting on top of his overall whitish look.

He is holding on to 2 weapons on both his arms.

From the above picture you can see that Blast has a more full look from the back as compared to Swindle earlier.

The Camouflage colors are much less then swindle as well.

As you can see Swindle has a very white looking thief like face.

He has 2 orange eyes seperated towards the centre and a mouth cover as well.

Next i will show you Blast off's Vehicle mode which is a spaceship below ....

The Spaceship bears his 2 weapons on the right and left wings.

Do take note that Blast off's vehicle mode doesn't have wheels underneath so his a stationary spaceship.

Blast off forms the right arm of Bruticus.

So the above picture is the back of Blast off and i will now go on to the third robot which makes Bruticus and he is called .....

Decepticon Brawl  !!!!!

Brawl has a very unique greenish looking color with his silverish streaks here and there.

He holds his individual weapon as well !!!!

From the back you can see the purple colors spread out at his back cannons and his upper shoulders as well. These were not done on the front of Decepticon Brawl.

And look at the awesome close up of Decepticon Brawl. He has orange colored eyes which look like visors on him.

Next is Decepticon Brawl's vehicle mode which is a tank below .....

In the above picture you can see the weapon on his arms is put on the top of the cannons on in between the tank .

The tank doesn't have wheels as well. So it's basically a non-moving stationary tank.

And do take note that the tanks cannons can be moved backwards to fire at the back of the tank mode of Decepticon Brawl !!!

The Above picture is the back part of the tank but it looks rather different in a sense in this angle which i have taken the photograph it looks like it has a crab like look and not a tank at all !!!!

And the above will be the front view of the tank.

Decepticon Brawl forms the left leg of Bruticus.

Next will be the fourth robot which consists of Bruticus and he is none other then .....

Onslaught !!!!

Onslaught becomes the center part of Bruticus .

Onslaught above has his weapon on his left arm.

The yellow and purple goes well with his overall look.

The back of Onslaught does not really look overly interesting but it does have a rather unique formation of his colors.

The head and face of Onslaught is rather tilted downwards but generally he has orange looking vizor eyes and a purple head with a jaw cover !!!!

Next will be the vehicle mode of Onslaught which is kind of a Armored pickup !!!! Below ....

And as you can see above the purple colored camouflage goes with the yellow very well because of the background colors. And thats what nakes this robots look more unique then any robots i have ever seen.

His weapon is attached to the top of the vehicle.

The wheels on Onslaught's vehicle mode are very smooth rolling.

The above picture will be the front part of the vehicle.

Well the fifth and last robot which consists of Bruticus is Vortex below .....

Vortex forms the left arm of Bruticus.

Well the above is Vortex who is mostly purple and light blue colored body.

He also spots some camouflage purplish colors on his legs and arms as well.

Like any of the above robots before he holds 2 weapons as well.

As you can see above Vortex has also a very full body and a very heavy back pack on his back as well.

He is very balanced when made to a pose.

As you can see the above close up Vortex looks rather weird with his face.

His vizor is orange in color but his overall face is shaped very oddly.

Don't really like his face so much and with that i shall show you the vehicle mode of Vortex which is an armored Helicopter.

Like i said earlier his weapons attach to the right and left sides of the front part of the helicopter.

Well the above picture is the front part of the helicopter and it looks like a bird from this angle !!!

And the above picture will be the last picture consisting of the 5 robots which make up into Bruticus !!!

The next few picture will be the Giant Warrior himself i have made in several poses.

Enjoy !!!

Above you can see on the right arm of Bruticus is the combination of all the five indvidual robots weapons combined to make one Mega weapon. That is what Bruticus is holding.

Well the above picture will be the last picture for Bruticus Review !!!

Let me say to you go and get this guy. He is hot !!! Once i got him i just couldn't wait to play and dis assemble him. He is addictive. Better get him fast before he is all gone. Well people this is a very long review compared to my all other toy reviews and hope you all like the pictures i have presented to you as well.

With that i end this review and i will be back for more. Cheerzz people !!!