Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Transformers Thrilling 30 Remake of the Beast Wars Voyager Rhinox !!! An awesome toy !!!

Hello there people i have dissappeared long enough to keep you wondering where the hell i went.

Well i'm still here just busy thats all !!!

I am back with a toy which you might find interesting for you Transformers fans and collectors out there.

Well as far as i am concerned i have never like Beast wars animated series which was shown in the late 90's close to the millenium .... but there were several characters at that time which i still liked.

One of them was the Beast Megatron and they recently a made a reproduction of the Heroic Maximal Rhinox !!!! Yeah you got that right !!!! 

And this is a review of the toy in the package and i will be back very soon.

As you see above this is the front of the package of the voyager Rhinox and he still is given the classic Maximal logo instead of the regular Autobot Logo.

And at the back of the package as you can see you will spot the beast mode of Rhinox !!!

One of the best Remake so far from the past.

Well hope you enjoy my slightly short into here.

I will be back soon so cheerzz and keep it here where i will always remain for all of you toy collectors out there !!!!

Thank you and cheerzz !!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Vintage 90's Sticker and Comic book Collections !!!! For sale !!!

Hi there people i will be stopping toy reviews for a while and return back to other vintage collections of mine.

I am clearing all my vintage items to get rid of my shelves.

Well it's all good and without furthur ado i shall jump into the collections.

This is my Captain america first comic issue which is #1 and it's dated back from the 1990's.

Superboy Comics bought back in the 90's as well for sale.

Above are the Merlin Stickers from 1999 Star wars episode 1 which had been bought more then a decade ago.

It's all rare stuff and hope you guys like and will buy my collections. 

With that i'll be back with more toy and collections review. Cheerzz !!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Toys R Us Singapore Releases Max Steel Toys !!!!

Dear people went to toys r us and found Max Steel toys by surprise. 

The collections were rather little but it was enough to catch my eyes.

The toys are based on what characters and series is what i'm not sure of but it definitely a cool collections well i have posted the pictures and enjoy.

Well these toys are made by Mattel !!!

And they seem kind of cool but i let you decide on that for the preferences.

With that Cheerzz !!!!

MOTU Classics Clamp Champ Action Figure Review !!!!!

Hey there this month i won't be doing much reviews as i am packing up stuff and doing a facelift of my collections and arranging them and sorting them off.

Well had time for this review still so i thought of sharing with you my older collections from last few months which is the MOTU Classics Subscriber figure called Clamp Champ.

By the way this is an awesome figure but nothing very interesting about it but the black figure itself i guess !!!

Well this is Clamp Champ !!!!

What i can say is that Clamp Champ had very unique colors and very cool designs as well.

The armor he is wearing has a bluish and silver metallic finish.

I was actually stunned by the color combination as it goes well with his color combination.

And he has a backpack type of thing at the back of his armor which can't be removed. It's just part of the molding i guess.

The Armor on Clamp Champ's Body can be removed and it shows the bare body of Clamp Champ.

And this is one of the unique coloring as well.

But did you notice the his arms and legs are slightly darker then his body itself ???

The Close up of Clamp Champ's face shows a very thick lipped and thick eye browed guy !!!!

These are the 2 weapon accessories which comes with Clamp Champ.

A crab type of claw weapon and a frisbee type of weapon his right hand.

I wonder what the weapons are called though !!!!

As you can see from the above picture the Clamp type of weapon has the red clips which can be moved back and forth and it's manual no buttons to adjust the movement.

Well the above picture will be the last picture for this review of my latest collections from the MOTU Classics collections just wait up a few weeks people before i get this thing going and show you and share my collections with all of you.

With that Cheerzz and i will be back for more !!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

MOTU Classics Huge Lot For Sale !!!!!

Dear people this is not your everyday ordinary review which i have shown you as usual.

This time it's a huge Masters Of The Universe ( MOTU ) Classics lot which i have in extras and i want to sell them away.

All of them are at different prices !!!!

I will state the prices according to the action figures accordingly and you can see the whole lot here in my picture below !!!

Castaspella : $ 55 SGD  

Icer : $ 55 SGD  

Karatti : $ 55 SGD  

Preternia Disguise He-man : $ 90 SGD 

 Galactic Protector He-man : $ 60 SGD  

Fangman : $ 85 SGD  

Batros : $ 55 SGD  

Octavia : $ 55 SGD  

Shokoti : $ 55 SGD  

King He-man : $ 110 SGD  

Ram Man : $ 110 SGD  

Please take note that all action figure are stated in Singapore dollars unless stated otherwise by me. All international customers must take note that if you buy this item you still gotta pay the shipping charges in accordance to your regions as well.

This is beyond my control as shipping charges vary from place to place and international regions. So with that i leave the decisions to you and get back to me here and pm me at my comments or call or message me directly to my hp at 91349362 ..

With that cheerzz while i will be back for more reviews and updates on sales and merchandise !!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Transformers Generations Thrilling 30 Megatron With Comic Book Review !!!!

Hello there people a much delayed review this time but it's all for the good of all of you. I'm accumulating other toys and pictures for other cool reviews soon to come as i have take the picture for all of you toy collectors out there the extent of my collections !!!!

Well this was one of my latest pickups some time back but chose to review it now as i know you may want to see how this guy actually looks like !!!!

Well he is none other then the Generations Megatron in his much better and cooler mode till to date.

Megatron above as you see is a black colored mode with a bit of purple colorations as well.

He actually has a bit of a metallic touch on him too as well.

As you see above Megatron actually comes with this amazing combination gun which is actually part of his wings in alternate vehicle mode. The weapon consists of 2 parts which is combined to merge into one singular weapon.

Above the awesome close up of Megatron which has a close resemblance of the comic artwork featured with this toy as well.

Just look below this post ...

And the next few picture is the vehicle mode of Megatron which is a Stealth Jet bomber.

Well below as you can see there are several artwork associated with the comic book included in this package !!!!

Just will feature some pages and some picture art in the insides.... below

And now below will be the detailed review of Megatron's Vehicle Mode again.

Above as you see are the wings detached from Megatron's Jet mode which is the one used to combine to make his cannon type of weapon as i showed earlier during my review of him i robot mode.

So you need those final pieces of that weapon to combine to form the wings of Megatron's Jet mode.

Well as you see above that will be the final picture for this particular review of Megatron.

And i also have done a review of Megatron in a video as well.

You can see the various ways he looks like in detail in my video review.

So with that enjoy guys !!! I will be a bit slower in my reviews now but don't worry i shall try to update you as much as possible with the various toys available online.

With that Cheerzzz !!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

MOTU Classics Batros Action Figure Review !!!!!!!

Hello there people and i'm back with a big bang and the MOTU Classics review has come back !!! Well at least for this review .... this is my latest collection just arrived and i have been so excited about it !!!

This is none other then the new MOTU Classics Club Filmaton Action figure !!!

This is one figure which is so uniquely colored and very well articulated as far as i am concerned with some interesting color combinations and presentations then the usual action figure.

This is none other then Batros !!!! Who just appeared in one episode from the 80's He-man Episode and well here he is.

Batros is a very well colored and brightly colored action figure and he really is show accurate as you can see right here.

The Representations are awesome !!!!

As you can see from the side view here the wings on Batros are permanently attached to his upper arms.

It is a soft plastic which can be bent to simulate some interesting poses but other then that that's a permanent fixture.

From the rear as you see above the upper part of his wings are black and the under part or the bottom side of the wings are a bright red color.

The purple colored body is very consistent with the action figure and moreover all the body parts of this guy are the same as any other MOTU Classics Action figure articulation.

Even the nails on Batros have a black nail polish and it goes well with his purple colored hands.

As you can see above the extra accessory which comes with Batros is his weapon above. It's also made of a soft plastic bendable overall but the red spikes are rather 70% stiff and it may injure kids if played with or showed near the eye.

So be careful of that but other then that this weapon wasn't featured in the animated series back in the 80's though. So this is just another extra make for this guy.

Well on the above picture as you see the armor can be removed quite easily and you gotta lift up his head piece and remove it before you start to unbuckle his armor.

And as you ass the articulation of the body is a very regular piece like the ones with other figures from the MOTU Classics line up.

And last but not least is the close up of Batros. Face articulation is really awesome.

A thing to take note of is Batros has a chest plate shaped like the horde logo but doesn't have the evil horde's face logo. It's just a plain bat shaped icon that's all .... and i guess that's why he is called Batros i guess !!!! Well leave me comments here and i have featured the video review of Batros as well so enjoy the review and hope you get this guy before he is all gone forever. With that Cheerzzz People and i will be back for more you bet !!!!