Friday, October 4, 2013

MOTU Classics Huge Lot For Sale !!!!!

Dear people this is not your everyday ordinary review which i have shown you as usual.

This time it's a huge Masters Of The Universe ( MOTU ) Classics lot which i have in extras and i want to sell them away.

All of them are at different prices !!!!

I will state the prices according to the action figures accordingly and you can see the whole lot here in my picture below !!!

Castaspella : $ 55 SGD  

Icer : $ 55 SGD  

Karatti : $ 55 SGD  

Preternia Disguise He-man : $ 90 SGD 

 Galactic Protector He-man : $ 60 SGD  

Fangman : $ 85 SGD  

Batros : $ 55 SGD  

Octavia : $ 55 SGD  

Shokoti : $ 55 SGD  

King He-man : $ 110 SGD  

Ram Man : $ 110 SGD  

Please take note that all action figure are stated in Singapore dollars unless stated otherwise by me. All international customers must take note that if you buy this item you still gotta pay the shipping charges in accordance to your regions as well.

This is beyond my control as shipping charges vary from place to place and international regions. So with that i leave the decisions to you and get back to me here and pm me at my comments or call or message me directly to my hp at 91349362 ..

With that cheerzz while i will be back for more reviews and updates on sales and merchandise !!!!