Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Transformers Generations Thrilling 30 Megatron With Comic Book Review !!!!

Hello there people a much delayed review this time but it's all for the good of all of you. I'm accumulating other toys and pictures for other cool reviews soon to come as i have take the picture for all of you toy collectors out there the extent of my collections !!!!

Well this was one of my latest pickups some time back but chose to review it now as i know you may want to see how this guy actually looks like !!!!

Well he is none other then the Generations Megatron in his much better and cooler mode till to date.

Megatron above as you see is a black colored mode with a bit of purple colorations as well.

He actually has a bit of a metallic touch on him too as well.

As you see above Megatron actually comes with this amazing combination gun which is actually part of his wings in alternate vehicle mode. The weapon consists of 2 parts which is combined to merge into one singular weapon.

Above the awesome close up of Megatron which has a close resemblance of the comic artwork featured with this toy as well.

Just look below this post ...

And the next few picture is the vehicle mode of Megatron which is a Stealth Jet bomber.

Well below as you can see there are several artwork associated with the comic book included in this package !!!!

Just will feature some pages and some picture art in the insides.... below

And now below will be the detailed review of Megatron's Vehicle Mode again.

Above as you see are the wings detached from Megatron's Jet mode which is the one used to combine to make his cannon type of weapon as i showed earlier during my review of him i robot mode.

So you need those final pieces of that weapon to combine to form the wings of Megatron's Jet mode.

Well as you see above that will be the final picture for this particular review of Megatron.

And i also have done a review of Megatron in a video as well.

You can see the various ways he looks like in detail in my video review.

So with that enjoy guys !!! I will be a bit slower in my reviews now but don't worry i shall try to update you as much as possible with the various toys available online.

With that Cheerzzz !!!!

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