Saturday, October 19, 2013

MOTU Classics Clamp Champ Action Figure Review !!!!!

Hey there this month i won't be doing much reviews as i am packing up stuff and doing a facelift of my collections and arranging them and sorting them off.

Well had time for this review still so i thought of sharing with you my older collections from last few months which is the MOTU Classics Subscriber figure called Clamp Champ.

By the way this is an awesome figure but nothing very interesting about it but the black figure itself i guess !!!

Well this is Clamp Champ !!!!

What i can say is that Clamp Champ had very unique colors and very cool designs as well.

The armor he is wearing has a bluish and silver metallic finish.

I was actually stunned by the color combination as it goes well with his color combination.

And he has a backpack type of thing at the back of his armor which can't be removed. It's just part of the molding i guess.

The Armor on Clamp Champ's Body can be removed and it shows the bare body of Clamp Champ.

And this is one of the unique coloring as well.

But did you notice the his arms and legs are slightly darker then his body itself ???

The Close up of Clamp Champ's face shows a very thick lipped and thick eye browed guy !!!!

These are the 2 weapon accessories which comes with Clamp Champ.

A crab type of claw weapon and a frisbee type of weapon his right hand.

I wonder what the weapons are called though !!!!

As you can see from the above picture the Clamp type of weapon has the red clips which can be moved back and forth and it's manual no buttons to adjust the movement.

Well the above picture will be the last picture for this review of my latest collections from the MOTU Classics collections just wait up a few weeks people before i get this thing going and show you and share my collections with all of you.

With that Cheerzz and i will be back for more !!!