Saturday, January 28, 2012

DOTM Human Alliance Soundwave Full Review Exclusive !!!!!

This is Soundwave from the Human alliance version of the DOTM Movie. I know you people out there were waiting for the full review of this toy and so i have tried to make my reviews of this character as detailed as i can.

Generally if you look at the Soundwave toy as seen above you can see he has very bright colors and i had an interesting time taking pictures of him at the outdoors !!!! It brings out his colors very well. And i must say the Mercedes logo is my most favorite part of the toy itself.

Soundwave given this alternate version other then his actual communication type machine was very unexpected. This is the first time i have seen Soundwave actually transform into a vehicle mode. And because of the interesting car design and character itself it became one of the hottest characters from the DOTM movie.

Soundwave has very sharp looks and is very unique indeed. From the top part of his body to his legs. Soundwave has very balanced features. The toy is actually quite easily balanced and doesn't fall so much. But you got to make some adjustments if you want to make some adjustments on his poses as you deemed it to be. Other then that it makes a very great display item too of you had a cool showcase with bright lightings.

This center upward pose i took with his arms folded and partially spread out brings out the intense look of Soundwave. His focused fierce looking face and looking as though he is going to grab you. I had to take the pictures of him in the daytime in the bright sunlight so he looks so much better.

Sideviews of both sides of Soundwave and just look at those car tires. I think it's one of the best part of Soundwave. The tires are actually made very precise in design and it's exactly the same as what the actual Mercedes SLS AMG looks like if you were to check out the car itself.

Top view of the toy 

The only problem with Soundwave is that as you can see the top part of the doors and the side of the windscreen of the vehicle the paint job wears off if you transform the robot too many times. You got to get the exact paint used to color Soundwave to paint him back !!!!. The rest of the silver parts of the body hasn't got those problems as the Plastic used to make his body is Silver colored plastic molding which is used in almost all parts of the body accept the doors and the car's windscreen area.

Here i have featured Laserbeak the Little assasin of Soundwave's which sits nicely in his big arms !!!!
This Laserbeak toy comes with the Human alliance package but it's not as nice as the DOTM Deluxe version of the Laserbeak toy. The main function of this toy packaged with Soundwave is to get the Human figurine to go into the Laserbeak toy and resting on Soundwave's shoulder as a weapon. This modified version is nothing at all related to the movie at all. It was just given the extra touch with Soundwave Human alliance Package.

As you can see above here Laserbeak transforms into a weapon and is mounted on the top of  Soundwave to act has a firing weapon something like a cannon.

And here is what he transforms into the Mercedes SLS AMG !!!! Cool isn't it !!!!

Just wanted to show how Soundwave looks like with his door opened up.

I don't know why they put the word Superior on the back of Soundwave's vehicle mode but i don't remember seeing this particular imprint in the back of the vehicle in the DOTM Movie. So i suppose it's just for the sake of putting it for the toy i guess .....

Well anyways enough said I am a great Transformers fan and a movie toy fan so for me this particular Soundwave toy is very important to include in my toy collection of Transfomers toys. The overall design of the toy is unique and very special in a sense no particular transformers toy transforms into a Luxury car like this , well some of them did but they were never released as a toy before. And this is the first ever Transformers toy to be used as a mercedes car and i haven't remembered seeing one before. So if you are passionate about luxury cars and like soundwave very much go get this toy. I personally have 5 of this vehicle in spare and extremely brand new. I bought extra stock to sell off when the demand is right for the prices to go up. And i do know that this particular toy you can only get it in speciality collector shops it's not openly available in the commercial market. Well what ever the situation is go get it before they all are gone.

More reviews coming up people keep it here !!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Transformation Bash Party !!!!!

Today i and my friend had a Transformers Toys Transformation Bash. We brought some of our toys from our own collection an started Transforming them for almost 6 hours. Our heads were very heavy and tired after that and we went back home. Couldn't take the pressure of transforming so many toys. Boy it's alot of work transforming !!!! especially when it comes to several number of toys !!!! We did it in Starbucks sipping our coffee away and thinking and figuring out how some toys just fit into the way they are transformed into. Well i did the royalty of showing you off some of the pictures i had taken of our little Transformers Transforming Bash party !!!!

This is of course as you all know our Transformers Prime Optimus Prime Voyager. I  must tell you this is one great toy to have and to collect too. It's really cool. I'll let you have the overall look at the toy in my next picture.

Yes the overall big picture of Optimus Prime Voyager from Transformers PRIME.

All the leaders of Transformers DOTM Movie toys . Fun Fun Fun !!!!

Above is the Human Alliance Shadow blade Sideswipe which i and my Friend were trying very hard to Transform !!!! Firstly the parts are very fragile and extremely tight but only substantial force can be used to separate the parts of the toy as we were afraid it would break or something. And the toys are also very fragile too !!!! That was the most tedious and tiring part in today's transformation process. Phew !!!

Last but not least i wanted to show you people about the Masterpiece i just got in the shops today.
It's the Hunt for the decepticons Starscream . It's the leader class and i can't wait to transform it. But not today, cos i'm tired of all the transformations i did today and won't be transforming robots anytime soon until the end of the week. So hope you guys can put up with me for awhile while i try to update my blog here by end of the week or even maybe earlier. I assure you this is not the end people. Yes be Reassured !!!!

And wanted to show you the close up of the Starscream i got Today !!!!

Hope you guys like it as much as i am showing this great master piece to you .

Enjoy the weekend coming up soon and i'll be back for more reviews. Come on man it's just the beginning of the year . There is more toys for the rest of the year of 2012 right !!!! Yes that's for sure, especially when there is a collector like me who is always on the hunt for Transformers toys !!!!

Cheerzzz !!! Later .

Oh yeah Did another stop motion animation for you guys in my Youtube Channel Enjoy !!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

DOTM Deluxe Darksteel Exclusive Review !!!!

This is Darksteel from the DOTM toyline. This is my long awaited review for this toy and i hope you feel that way too. It's one of the nicest collection in the DOTM Series and wanted to show you guys out there this toy myself.

Wanted to show you guys the fierce look in this toy characters looks. His fiery look and amazing design of his facial features.

Look at the reddish looking eyes of him. Fierce and amazing too. The bright red eyes are a result of me facing the toy in the direction of the sunlight to make the characters eyes light up. And Hasbro has done an amazing job in making the facial features so detailed and unique to this particular character.The face looks like a cobra head and Darksteel's colors are also unique to make him look fierce in sinister. A very good paint job for this toy.

Featured his 2 weapons fixed into both of his arms. The weapons suit the character as the colors and design suits the character Darksteel himself and the way the weapons suits his sinister looks!!!!

I particularly like this pose as it is very composed and very clear. One of my nicest shots for this particular toy character.

This is his two weapons combined to make his big ultimate weapon !!!

And below will be his vehicle mode !!!!

Although this vehicle is exactly like sideswipe when he transforms into his vehicle mode. The colors put into this vehicle brings out the unique character of the vehicle itself and the paint job given to the vehicle seems like a very dark tribal look. And yes bright paintings too.

This picture above are the 2 weapons mounted in his arms in my earlier pictures attaches to the side of the vehicle when he transforms into vehicle mode.

Basically this toy is a very good toy to collect. I myself never regretted buying it. Yo should get one yourself too. But if i'm not mistaken this toy also is produced in limited quantity. And youmost probably won't be able to get in the commercial market. You gotta get it from Toy collector speciality shops or online.
But whatever the case is go get it. Before it's gone completely especially when Transformers PRIME toys are now hitting the stores and all other DOTM  movie toys will soon be hard to find. 

I'll be reviewing more toys in my upcoming days !!!!! Cheerzz!!!! people.