Friday, January 6, 2012

DOTM (Deluxe) Roadbuster Review

This is Roadbuster from Dark of the Moon the third Franchise in the Transformers movie series. He is part of a team called Wreckers From Dark of the moon which includes leadfoot,topspin and himself.

For me Roadbuster is a toy worth collecting because of the fact that he is a Nascar Car. And quite unique in his paint job and overall features of the car itself.

As you can see these are some of the cool poses that i have made with Roadbuster. Roadbuster is not very rigid in it's limbs and arms but you need some patience to make some very cool poses with the toy.

The Autobot logo which is on the right side of Roadbuster's arms.
The autobot logo is a really welldone and accurately painted into a toys part whether it's a deluxe toy or a voyager. Amazing !!!!

Cool close up of his face .....

Colors of Roadbuster are rather plain though he is a green, white and his internal body is a very light grey, which makes him a bit plain looking in general. He isn't very brightly colored.

Nevertheless he still looks bright in the sunlight !!!!

And the last look of him from behind. Like the number 88. 

This below is what Roadbuster Transforms into a very cool Nascar car.
This car is very unique in a sense it has some very nice signatures and logos painted on the vehicle itself which i think is fantastic artwork.

As you can see from the above pictures Roadbuster in the car version is quite nice for display if you have a cool showcase with moderately good lighting to bring out the shades of Raodbuster. His car verrsion have bright red logos and Drark green colors which go well with the overall white background of the vehicle.

Here as you can see is the weapon mounted on the top of the vehicle mode of Roadbuster. It fits perfectly well. 

Generally i am an extremely strong supporter of Transformers toys. Although i collect Transformers toys. I'm also selective of my choices of toys too. It mostly pertains to characters which i like and character toys which are nice and unique in design too. I will get mostly the rare , the unique and hard to find toys in Transformers toys be it what ever toyline it generally comes from.

So if you haven't got this toy well my advice is go get it !!!!. The car version if Roadbuster is also equally nice and amazing.

Get it soon.