Sunday, January 22, 2012

DOTM Deluxe Darksteel Exclusive Review !!!!

This is Darksteel from the DOTM toyline. This is my long awaited review for this toy and i hope you feel that way too. It's one of the nicest collection in the DOTM Series and wanted to show you guys out there this toy myself.

Wanted to show you guys the fierce look in this toy characters looks. His fiery look and amazing design of his facial features.

Look at the reddish looking eyes of him. Fierce and amazing too. The bright red eyes are a result of me facing the toy in the direction of the sunlight to make the characters eyes light up. And Hasbro has done an amazing job in making the facial features so detailed and unique to this particular character.The face looks like a cobra head and Darksteel's colors are also unique to make him look fierce in sinister. A very good paint job for this toy.

Featured his 2 weapons fixed into both of his arms. The weapons suit the character as the colors and design suits the character Darksteel himself and the way the weapons suits his sinister looks!!!!

I particularly like this pose as it is very composed and very clear. One of my nicest shots for this particular toy character.

This is his two weapons combined to make his big ultimate weapon !!!

And below will be his vehicle mode !!!!

Although this vehicle is exactly like sideswipe when he transforms into his vehicle mode. The colors put into this vehicle brings out the unique character of the vehicle itself and the paint job given to the vehicle seems like a very dark tribal look. And yes bright paintings too.

This picture above are the 2 weapons mounted in his arms in my earlier pictures attaches to the side of the vehicle when he transforms into vehicle mode.

Basically this toy is a very good toy to collect. I myself never regretted buying it. Yo should get one yourself too. But if i'm not mistaken this toy also is produced in limited quantity. And youmost probably won't be able to get in the commercial market. You gotta get it from Toy collector speciality shops or online.
But whatever the case is go get it. Before it's gone completely especially when Transformers PRIME toys are now hitting the stores and all other DOTM  movie toys will soon be hard to find. 

I'll be reviewing more toys in my upcoming days !!!!! Cheerzz!!!! people.