Friday, May 31, 2013

M.A.S.K Iguana with Lester Sledge and Mudslinger mask complete review !!!!!

Hello there i'm back with my regular review of vehicles from the vintage series this time. It's M.A.S.K !!! Well this is my ongoing collection of M.A.S.K Vehicles and action figures complete !!! I will let you all know in my facebook page when i have completed at least 90 % of my M.A.S.K Collections and maybe even show you the whole feature in youtube !!! But till them it's just the reviews for the moment ... and this is Iguana a 4 wheel jeep which converts to a mobile shredder !!!!

As you can see from the above picture this vehicle is complete with Lester Sledge Action figure and his mudslinger mask.

Well as you can see from the above picture Lester sledge is comfortably seated in his mobile jeep and very well fitted into the vehicle as well.

The size and length of the vehicle is about the same as Piranha and condor meaning it's rather small.

And the above picture is Lester Sledge. The figures details are awesome !!!

Lester's Mudslinger mask which emits some kind of sticky liquid stuff which makes it slippery on the ground !!!! Well i suppose so.

The next few picture is the attack mode of Iguana which turns into a mobile shredder which has a blade in front of it just like the picture below !!!

As you can see above there is a blade at the back of iguana as well which shreds anything in it's way.

So now it's complete front blade and back blade shredder .

Oh Well the above picture just about ends it all.

I will be back for more reviews as always and one thing i must tell you is that M.A.S.K Vehicle are already obsolete and not in re-production not which i know of but you gotta get it soon as possible before all these are gone forever.

So i leave it to you to make that choice of collecting all these vintage and hard to get toys.

Cheerzz people !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MOTU Classics Karatti Action Figure Review !!!!!!!!

Hello there people i have been posting a lot of stuff in facebook lately and hope you guys like what you see...with that i have come with another review of my ongoing MOTU Classics collections !!! This time is karatti and he is sold out in Mattycollector as usual.

Well this is the review of the Karatti figure below this header !!!

This figure fascinates me even though i'm a collector myself !!!

Just look at the colors on him !!! Awesome !!!

Well if you noticed in the New Adventures of He-man itself  !!!! Karatti was exactly as what you see here but his colors were a bit dull bluish in color if you remember . Well if you don't then you can see the picture below this header ...

Yes the above picture is what he looks like in the New Adventures of He-man !!! back in 1989 !!!!

But his designs are rather similar for the MOTU Classics Version but his wired black eye sacks makes his eyes look weird !!! As you can see it is whit in the above cartoon image but as for the MOTU Classics version you can't see his inner eyes at all it's all black in color ... well you will understand that more clearly when you see the close up of Karatti .

Karatti comes with 2 weapons !!! Well his weapon as you can see is the chisel type of axe which is on his right arm.

Another one is the sword type of long black knife .

The MOTU Classics action figures based on the New Adventures of He-man have all the Space type of feel with the very futuristic space armors and stuff !!!! As you can see above !!! Well i wanted to ask you guys out there what type of creature was Karatti. Well enlighten me with an answer at my comments sections as i don't know what type of creature he is. And look at the prange style dreadlocks of his hair !!! That is really awesome to the details as well and moreover is that hair at all or a space creatures tentacles sticking out of his head ???

Well like i said this is the Knife which is another accessory for him as well .

As you can see from the above picture he looks green in color which is really cool as well. The colors on this figure are really bright. And the armor from his body can removed to expose this creatures body.

Like is said to you earlier this is the way he looks in close up view and you can't really see his eyes.

But oh well this picture will be the last for this review. And let me tell ya this is one figure you shouldn't miss for the world !!!

Get it as soon as possible before his price goes up like any other MOTU classics limited edition figure as they will be rare soon.

With that i'll let you review and enjoy this toy review on your own time !!!

Cheerzz people !!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

NECA Cult Classics Hall of Fame Set of 4 Figures Complete !!!!!

Hi there just got my Cult classics hall of fame set of 4 from NECA.

This is a very old classic toys any movie action figure collector must have or own. These are made from Neca and not Mcfarlane !!!!

They are of similar capacity in making this kinda toys but now NECA has taken over in this cool industry.

With that i'll present you this set of 4 complete !!! Check it out !!!

Above is Freddy Krueger from the Wes Craven's New Nightmare or also known as the Nightmare on Elm street which was earlier. 

The next if Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th based on the first classic movie of how Jason was created !!! This is one collectors item as it has interchangeable heads and a cool stand as well.

The next will be the the Classic first movie called the Crow which was based on Brandon lee as Eric Draven.

This is also a very cool collectible with all the accessories with it and a display stand as well.

And the last will be the Hellraiser based movie character called Pinhead.

Well this is the complete set of 4 for this particular collection !!!!

With that please support my fan pages of NECA toys by going to this link and i will feature more NECA toys from the brand as i am collecting most of these toys from the past.

Well the above is the link for your support and i'll be back for more reviews and thanks for your continued support and views. Cheerzz !!! People !!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mcfarlane Toys Movie Maniacs Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger Special Edition Set Review !!!!!

Hello there let me present to you my favorite toys from the 80's and early 90's where these movies were so famous and were out as toys as well which were super hot !!! I'm talking about the movie maniacs toys from Mcfarlane. This set was a special edition set for these famous movie characters called Jason and Freddy.

Well this is my boxed special edition set of Jason and Freddy together in one boxed display set with lots of blood splash all over the package !!! Check it out !!!!

Yup the above is the complete set in the package !!!!

Look at the blood splash on the package. This edition was the limited one compared to another package which was just the plain figures without the blood splash on the package !!!! Well the next picture is the description of this set if you intend to get it.

The pictures next i wanna show you are the toys out of the package and just check out the blood and gore... oh well the articulation as well.

Just look at that awesome ain't it !!!!

As you can see from the above pictures i have fixed all the 3 weapons on Jason's body and Freddy doesn't come with any weapons but just that mini figure of himself on the left of the package !!! The weapons can be removed as well .

The figurines themselves can be removed from the display stand actually and their arms and legs can be moved but with very limited movements as these figures were meant to be displayed as what i have shown you.

Look at the awesome close up of Jason Voorhees. Its epic !!!

Above the close up of Freddy Krueger which he actually looks exactly as what he does in the movies itself !!!

As what i had told you before much earlier the weapons can be removed from Jason and this is how the weapons actually look like and they have also the very fantastic blood splash details.

And the above picture will be the last picture for this review and it shows the mini figure like Freddy himself but i don't really know why they made it !!! But it looks awesome as well.

Well with that i'll be back for more interesting toy reviews soon.

Cheerzzz !!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Masters Of The Universe 2002 Version Of Trapjaw Action Figure Review !!!!

Hello there people back with a classic review of a toy more then a decade old now !!! Well this line is not really that appealing to me as the joints and poses are limited to this version of action figures more then a decade ago but this is one hell of a cool toy to be appreciated for the awesome design and artwork. With that i shall review the favorite called Trapjaw.

Look at the awesome Trapjaw. He still looks exactly like what he was back in 80's version of the Filmation animated series but with a more up lifted and enhanced look !!! As you can see in the right arm of Trapjaw you can change 3 different type of weapons as i will show you in my next picture.

As you can see above these are the 3 weapons which are interchangeable with Trapjaw's right arm.

As you can see from my side pose his legs are bent and it is permanently in this position.

The boots are really cool on him. Makes him look like a heavy duty weapon specialist like a military metal soldier !!!!

This is the claw type of weapon fixed to his arm and the Claw can be opened up and closed as well. It aslso has a gear like function where it does side motions as well which enables you to turn the weapon.

This is the second weapon which is a heavy duty machine gun which is really cool when fixed to his arm.

The arm where his interchangeable weapon is fixed as a spring type of action to make you lift it up and down not sideways !!!! But his waist can't be moved in that way. You gotta manually move his waist.

This is third weapon which we can change on Trapjaw's arm as well. It's a hook and all this weapons are the similar weapons to the classic action figure as well but the colors and the designs are way bit different.

And the above close up picture of Trapjaw is really awesome looking. Just look at the eyes and facial features with Trapjaw. You can even see the yellow stained teeth above his mechanical jaw. And take note that the mechanical red jaw has a spring action as well which enables you to list the jaw up and down.

With that i will return with more awesome picture reviews !!!! Enjoy and Cheerzz !!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

M.A.S.K 80's toys which has brought back my childhood memories !!!! And toys i never owned myself when i was young .... now reliving the Dream !!!!!

I have always been in love with the retro toys from the 80's. Being a person who has lived during that 80's era i have grown to enjoy the toys of that time. And believe me when i tell you all this are called timeless classics. If i ever had a chance to live back through the 80's i would do it all over again. Toys during the 80's were very individual and unique of it's time. What amazes me is the creativity of the person who came out with the idea in the first place into the designing of these timeless classic toys which are completely obsolete.

With that let me present to you the type of toys which i am talking about. The Classic M.A.S.K Toys from the 80's.

This above picture is Bullet with Ali Bombay.

This above picture is Iguana !!!!

Didn't take out the toys for the sake of just showing you the box itself. Don't worry i will review all the M.A.S.K Toys as requested and will show you all the contents of the vehicle.

And who could ever Forget Outlaw !!!!

This was one of my favorite vehicle from the 80's M.A.S.K Animated series because of the fact that this was the Bad guy's rhino in black and the name was so cool.

But during the 80's this vehicle was going for $100.

Moreover the price and the space was limited as well.

So my parents especially my Dad rejected the fact straight away not to buy it for me !!!!

Well i am big right now and i could buy it myself thanks to all the collectors who had this in their possession.

All my toys as you can see are all complete !!! As in the vehicles are complete and no accessories were lost.

As you can see in the above pictures you can see the parts of Outlaw including the manual and the figurines as well. This set is also complete with everything with the Box.

A closer look at the Outlaw vehicle which still fascinates me as i didn't even get to touch it when i was young.

Well with this i will let you all read this posting and hope this has kindled all of you toy lovers out there to relive the childhood all over again.

With that i'll be back for more review !!!! Cheerzz !!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rippin' Rider Vehicle Review !!!!!!!

Hi there back to my reviews and this time it's the Nickelodeon Version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys. This version of the toys are rather cool and unique and are very collectible as far as i am concerned. This vehicle as i am about to review caught my eyes when i saw it in the stores and i got it right away.

Well this is the Rippin' rider !!!!

The Rippin' rider as the typical greenish look and it's the motorbike for the turtles. 

Well as far as i am concerned it's a very cool looking bike for display. 

As you can see from the above picture you can see the Bullet casing attached to the bike !!! That can be removed. That will be shown in my pictures later.

Like i said earlier this is the bullet casing containing the 2 bullets and it can be fired using your fingers !!!!

Yes you got that right, there isn't any button there to make it fire !!!

Please take not Adults you gotta be careful when you this particular toy as they have very small parts in the package which are used to assemble the vehicle so it may cause choking hazards to kids. So please be careful guys.

The picture above shows the 4 exhaust pipes sticking out the back tire of the Rippin' rider and unfortunately there isn't any smoke or holes in there.

But it's generally a realistickly cool design for a vehicle of this sort.

Well the picture above will be the last picture for this review.

As you can see this is one hell of a vehicle collectible not to be missed. Well i wouldn't know about other regions around the world about the availability of this toy but in Singapore where i live this is still available in Toys r Us. So get yours today and i'll be back again for more reviews . See ya later and cheerzz !!!!