Sunday, May 5, 2013

WWE Kelly Kelly Elite Collection Series 17 Action Figure Review !!!!

I'm back here with another new review of my most favorite and ongoing toy collections for the WWE Diva toys. This is Kelly Kelly from the elite collection series 17 with her Divas Championship belt. This is one of my favorite divas in the WWE and the most accurately made action figure to date by Mattel.

Well without furthur ado i shall present you with this review of this awesome figure called Kelly Kelly !!!!

As you can see here above this is Kelly Kelly together with her Divas Championship belt.

This is a more accurate version of the Divas Championship compared to the one in the Bella Twins Version.

As you can see above this is the awesome version of the WWE Divas Championship belt withe good metallic chrome painting done with the pinkish butterfly looking design on the belt itself. This is the masterpiece that i always wanted and it seems that only the Elite collection version of the Kelly Kelly Action figure comes with this awesome Divas Championship belt.

As you can see from the back of this action figure there is a lot of details which goes with it. There is shoe lace type of string painted on her back and the sleeves around her shoulder and arms can be taken out as well but it's all in one piece. But rest assured that if you were to take that off her you won't be able to put it back.

Well the above picture is the close up of Kelly Kelly and it's almost accurate to her actual look in the WWE. Well by the way this is an awesome figure to collect and you sure gotta get it before she runs out !!!

She is getting rare soon as it her Divas Championship Belt is very collectible and people will definitely buy Kelly Kelly for her Divas Championship belt.

Well with that i shall end this review and come back soon !!! Cheerzz people.