Friday, May 24, 2013

Masters Of The Universe 2002 Version Of Trapjaw Action Figure Review !!!!

Hello there people back with a classic review of a toy more then a decade old now !!! Well this line is not really that appealing to me as the joints and poses are limited to this version of action figures more then a decade ago but this is one hell of a cool toy to be appreciated for the awesome design and artwork. With that i shall review the favorite called Trapjaw.

Look at the awesome Trapjaw. He still looks exactly like what he was back in 80's version of the Filmation animated series but with a more up lifted and enhanced look !!! As you can see in the right arm of Trapjaw you can change 3 different type of weapons as i will show you in my next picture.

As you can see above these are the 3 weapons which are interchangeable with Trapjaw's right arm.

As you can see from my side pose his legs are bent and it is permanently in this position.

The boots are really cool on him. Makes him look like a heavy duty weapon specialist like a military metal soldier !!!!

This is the claw type of weapon fixed to his arm and the Claw can be opened up and closed as well. It aslso has a gear like function where it does side motions as well which enables you to turn the weapon.

This is the second weapon which is a heavy duty machine gun which is really cool when fixed to his arm.

The arm where his interchangeable weapon is fixed as a spring type of action to make you lift it up and down not sideways !!!! But his waist can't be moved in that way. You gotta manually move his waist.

This is third weapon which we can change on Trapjaw's arm as well. It's a hook and all this weapons are the similar weapons to the classic action figure as well but the colors and the designs are way bit different.

And the above close up picture of Trapjaw is really awesome looking. Just look at the eyes and facial features with Trapjaw. You can even see the yellow stained teeth above his mechanical jaw. And take note that the mechanical red jaw has a spring action as well which enables you to list the jaw up and down.

With that i will return with more awesome picture reviews !!!! Enjoy and Cheerzz !!!!

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