Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Transformers Generations Voyager Triple Changer Autobot Springer Review !!!!!!!!!!

I'm back with my usual Transformers Reviews and this is my latest which i just had reviewed in my youtube video channel as well. This is one Master piece which i had picked up in the stores and he is selling very fast and i don't think there would be much him left after all. So better go grab him fast.

Well as said i have him so i will now review Autobot Springer.

Yup just look at the color combination of this guy !!! As you can see this color combination is really very unique and very rare in a Transformers toy. As you can see here above the robot mode of Autobot Springer is rather cool and he looks much better this way then in Vehicle mode as you will see in my later reviews of him.

As you can see from the picture above he carries a sword like weapon and it's just one of the accessories which comes with Autobot Springer.

And the picture above is the other weapon on his left arm which is a double barrel cannon !!!!

This is the accessory which comes with this fantastic Robot !!!

And the above picture as you can see is the Fantastic close up of Autobot Springer and boy he's cool !!!

The color combination of his blue eyes and the green over look of his head and the silverish face brings out the characters looks .... awesome.

Next few pictures will be the different mode of Autobot Springer's vehicle modes.

First Being the Armored car mode !!!!

Well i wasn't really impressed with his armored car mode as he reminds me of the Bat Tumbler !!!!

The only difference is the color combinations are different from the Bat Tumbler but generally they look the same don't they ???

Above pictures how the weapon which can be attached to his top vehicle in armored car mode for Autobot Springer. Well this is quite awesome compared to the plain look of Autbot Springer in just the plain tumbler mode !!!!

Well the above picture will be the last picture for the armored car mode for Autobot Springer. And now let me introduce to you the third mode of Autobot Springer which is a Helicopter mode !!! Yes you heard me ..... a helicopter mode !!!!

Just look at the masterpiece above the Helicopter mode of Autobot Springer.

His Helicopter mode is much better looking then he was in Armored car mode. This looks like an assault military helicopter.

And as you can see the propellers for the Helicopter is actually his sword which converts into the propellers.

The above picture also shows the Double Barrel cannon which can also be attached to the Helicopter mode of Autobot Springer.

And let me tell you it's quite hard to do that cos it doesn't really attach to the Helicopter mode securely so i had to put it this way to show you people .

Well the above picture will be the last picture for this review and i will be back for more reviews and more historic reviews of other classic toys as well.

Well let me just tell you that if your miss this guy you won't get him anymore so better get your Autobot Springer fast before he is all gone from the stores.

With that salutes to all of you toy fans and lovers out there. You make it happen !!!!

Cheerzzz !!!!