Monday, May 6, 2013

Transformers Generations Voyager Blitzwing in Hand !!!!!!!!

Dear toy lovers and toy collectors i went into Toys R us singapore in tampines. And guess what i found a new Transformers Generations Voyager. Well this was most interesting for me. This is a Generation 1 guy from the 80's made again and came back with a new look!!! Well although he may look smaller or horribly simple before and he has now a cool upgrade which is really cool and you should check him out !!!!

Well this is blitzwing in the package brand new. I just wanted to show you all the awesomeness of this toy !!! But i will review him as we go along . I'll just show you the external package for this posting .

As you can see in the above pictures this is triple changer robot with a tank and jet mode as well.

I'll be all the more thrilled with showing you the full review of this toy.

Well with that i shall end this post and give you the surprise of reviewing him later on !!!

Cheerrzzz people !!!!

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