Saturday, May 11, 2013

Masters Of The Universe Toys from the past and present !!!! I have them !!!! Check out what i have !!!!!

Hello there people as you all know by now i am still a very strong Masters Of The Universe fan as well and i am really into collecting as much as i can get in my hands. So without furthur ado i shall you my latest collections.

Firstly i will show you the Masters Of The Universe 2002 Modern version of the toys more then a decade ago.

The First one is Trapjaw !!!!

Yes and he comes with a video tape of an episode as well. Truly vintage right ????

Well this is all sealed never been opened up before  !!!!

This is really a classic the only problem is since the video tape is blocking you can't really see the contents in the package but i will review them soon don't worry !!!!

And as you can see here in the above picture you will see all the various type of details and weapons of Trapjaw and all the other characters associated with the 2002 Modern Series as well !!!!

The next is also the 2002 Version of the toy as well this time it's Whiplash.

And yup he comes with a video tape as well sealed and unopened.

This is one hell of a Masterpiece from the Modern version of the Masters of the Universe Series. I just wonder why they discontinued the series and the toys as well. This was the better version then the He-man which was made back in 1989 right after the First classic he-man series which was based on the future.

Oh well nevermind !!! Guess things happen for a reason !!!!

And as you can see here from the back of the package Whiplash's tail has also a swing action and also a very unique weapon as well.

And below is where you will all get the surprise of your lives it's actually the latest toyline from the Masters Of The Universe Classics called Snakeface !!!!!

Well i don't wanna show you all the back of the package !!!! You can see the details at my MOTU Classics Side bar to get the entire package info and the Action figures i'm selling as well.

And with that i shall end this post with my mini surprise of this Past Masters Of the Universe Figures you all !!!! Cheerzz see ya soon.