Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mcfarlane Movie Maniacs Series 2 Child's Play 2 Chucky Action Figure !!!!!

Dear people recently i have been collecting all the old toys which i had sold way in the first place before. Well this time i got the memories back again and i am collecting all these old classic toys again to kindle my childhood all over again. And thanks to Mcfarlane i have them. These are the old movie toys from the 80's to the 90's which i had while i was growing up and i had to have this classic called Chucky !!!

Yes you heard me right Chucky !!!! Well this version is the one from the 90's Child's Play 2 movie which had a special attachment to my heart. Always loved Chucky so now i have him for my own and i am here with my review of him !!!

Yes people this is the awesomely evil and sick looking Chucky.

Okay horror and sickness aside just look at the awesome articulation and details of this action figure from Mcfarlane. Chucky looks so real like what he was in the movies as well.

You would actually think this is actually him !!!!

The Sneakers and the overall he is wearing are all very well painted and detailed. I really like this as a display piece in my shelf to show my future generation of toy lovers what 90's movies and toys were like.