Thursday, May 16, 2013

Masters Of The Universe 2002 Version of He-man with Chest Plate Variant Action Figure Review !!!!!!

Hello there people with another review and this time it's for the Masters Of The Universe 2002 Version of the Chest Plate Variations !!!! This version of He-man is cool because of the very macho look and the Power Sword which he holds as well !!!

Well as for the flexibility of the Action figure compared to the Masters Of the Universe Classics this has some not very flexible movements at it's joints but nevertheless this is one classic action figure to collect and to display with your other He-man and Masters Of The Universe Collections !!!! 

Well without furthur ado this is He-man !!!!

Look at the chest plate on the center part of He-man. It's four sided .... i will show you the other variation of He-man of the 2002 version as well with the six sided chest plate !!!!

But as you can see this He-man is very good for display although his joints are limited in movement !!!

Just look at the side of his arms and the muscle definition. It's more detailed and very realistic and his arm bands are silverish with a slightly different design compared to the ones in the Classics and vintage versions. This was a completely a brand new concept for the Masters Of The Universe 2002 version of actions figures and toys from the line. 

As you can see from the above picture the boots of He-man are rather similar to the vintage version and the limbs and foot can't be moved but if you put him in a secure position the figure has excellent balance.

The back of He-man as you can see here above is the leather strap which can hold his Powersword and his Battle axe as well. Take note that the Leather Strap can be removed from He-man's body.

But i don't dare to try it.

Above is He-man with his powersword !!!!

Well in any case you can see the four sided logo on his chest plate on his Powersword as well.

Another accessory which comes with He-man is the Battle Axe as well.

As you can see there is a design of this Axe which simply is amazing.

It has so much of detail compared to the vintage and classic version. I find this axe to be one of the more cool looking weapons of them all including this version of the power sword !!!!

 The above picture is the full set of accessories which come with this version of He-man !!!!

The shield is some what similar to the one in his classics line and vintage lines as well.

And the picture above will be the last picture for this particular review.

Well the close up of He-man is equally cool.

And well this is one action figure any Masters Of The Universe fan must have and a must collect.

This version isn't in production so you better get it before they all disappear forever of worse prices shoot sky high !!! Well with that i shall end this review and be back again for more hot toys for all of you to see in the coming days.

Cheerzz !!!! Collectors and toy lovers !!!! Hop i had captured you with my reviews !!!!

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